IMMS Library Newsletter February 2019


IMMS STEAM Club Special Event

The IMMS Steam Society will meet on Thursday, February 14th at 4p.m. for a special event. Mr. Alan Small, our district's own Science Club expert will be leading the dissection of a pig for our science-minded students. Students will get first hand experience about anatomy and how an animal's body functions. The regular STEAM Tuesday after school meeting will be cancelled in lieu of this event. Students attending will need to get a permission slip signed by a parent to be promptly picked up at 5p.m.

Blind Date with a Book Blog Contest

Students who like reading and trying new things will love this contest! Come to the library and check out one of these great books. They're 'single and ready to mingle'! Participants must be willing to read at least forty pages and submit their opinion of their "date" on the IMMS Lions Share Library Blog. Prizes for the winners include a big heart-shaped box of chocolates, a cute stuffed animal and a book of choice. Winners announced February 26th.

Pick up Permission forms from Mrs. Onco in the Library- due March 5th!

Cherie Priest visiting Author (Skype)

Our 8th grade book club has been reading I am Princess X by Cherie Priest. I am Princess X is a unique kind of murder mystery novel about two friends, a Needleman, a Ghost Queen, a hacker and a few other interesting characters, set in Seattle and the dark web. Ms. Priest has recently penned her second YA novel, The Agony House, a creepy ghost story set in a haunted house in New Orleans, and has graciously given us a few of those to pass around. We look forward to meeting with her later this month and invite others to attend with us!

Fun February Calendar 2019

Print off and use if you'd like! Happy February.
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Cherie Priest portrait photo, Cherie Priest

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