Table of Contents

Forming the Foundation

The Desire to Donate

Reaching the Right People

Making the Masterpiece

Coming to a Close

Forming the Foundation

My name is Beth Ann Shadwick. I am a junior at Arkansas State University acquiring my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. In our Advertising Design class this semester, we were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for the Foundation of Arts in Jonesboro. Thank you for taking the time to look over my campaign, which consists of three print advertisements, Instagram advertisements, and a variety of merchandise. Please read on below on how I creatively provided solutions and "formed the foundation" to a genuine challenge.

The Desire to Donate

The marketing goal for the FOA is to acquire donations, as the FOA is a non-profit entity and must survive by meager course fees and fundraising. It was very important in this campaign to create a Big Idea that would connect with the target audience and leave a lasting impression that not only shows the potential donors the benefits of donating but also shows why art is important. This ensures that the audience has a desire to donate.

Reaching the Right People

The target audience is people with at least some disposable income in the region FOA serves who may or may not be aware of this important community institution.

The primary target audience is families. Families contain multiple generations that participate in the classes FOA offers together. These classes can create a bonding experience, an emotional connection within the family, leading them to continue signing up for classes, and donating to the FOA in hopes that the classes will still be readily available for them.

Making the Masterpiece

The Big Idea

The Big Idea for this campaign is to Fund the Future. Using well-known icons such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and William Shakespeare, conveys to the viewer the importance of arts in the world; we have all learned from and admired these figures. Their importance, and the possibility that a future Frida, or Prince, or Shakespeare, could be waiting just below the surface encourages the viewers to donate to the FOA in hopes that they can help provide an artistic education to an individual who could one day impact the world, just as these individuals did.

Communicating this message creates a personal connection between the target audience and the Foundation of Arts. It inspires the audience, providing the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. "Fund the Future" has an underlying meaning, showcasing the expansive opportunities that can come with the involvement with the FOA. Opportunities such as the connections that can be made between individuals, the opportunity to see the ones you love succeed, and seeing that art is available to everyone.

Print Advertisements

These print advertisements combine illustration, typography, and complementary color palettes to convey a crucial message about the importance of donating to the Foundation of Arts and how it can impact the individuals who take part in the arts.

Instagram Advertisements

Carrying the typeface and color palettes over to the Instagram advertisements connects the aesthetic of the print ads and Instagram ads. Putting forth a cohesive look through all platforms helps create a professional aspect that is necessary for businesses of any sort. Also, sharing ads on Instagram is a great way to reach a large portion of the target demographic, some of which might not use Facebook.

The use of hashtags, such as #FundtheFuture, #SupporttheArtsinNEA, and #FOAsMission, can provide opportunities to connect with individuals within the community that were originally unaware of the FOA and its mission, vision, and values. These hashtags could help gain followers and interaction within the Instagram posts.

Here is an example of the Instagram advertisements combined into a template, showcasing the cohesive aesthetic that is often desired in an Instagram feed.

Here are two examples of how the Instagram advertisements will appear on a cell phone, when a viewer is scrolling through the news feed.


Merchandise is a great way to expand a campaign. Using products such as t-shirts, pins, and tote bags for fundraisers is a way to continue sharing the Big Idea throughout the community while also raising funds for the Foundation of Arts. Creating flyers and placing them throughout Northeast Arkansas, such as in local businesses or downtown, can also bring awareness to the campaign that might not be possible otherwise. Together, this merchandise can produce profits while also spreading the word about the need for donations; a win-win for the FOA.



Tote Bags

Coloring Book Pages

As an extra add-on to the merchandise category, I have included coloring book pages. Including these may seem minor, but if used correctly, they can have a tremendous impact. Handing out pages to the students already attending FOA and having an Instagram contest, or a simple Instagram post showing the original creations that the students have made could be shared throughout Northeast Arkansas, spreading awareness of FOA and the need for donations.

Coming to a Close

"Fund the Future" is the perfect campaign to promote awareness of donation for the Foundation of Arts through print advertisements, Instagram advertisements, and merchandise. Combined together, these elements create a cohesive, professional campaign that will be memorable to the target audience. I would like to thank you again for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 870-344-0573, or email at beth.shadwick@smail.astate.edu. I look forward to speaking with you about any opportunities in the future.