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Plot Graphs

Plot Graphs with labels

Plot Graphs are models for analyzing data that has many different uses for a lot of subjects such as science and math. An example of a plot graph is the picture above.

Camera Positions

Camera positions are used to make the audience feel more interactive with the characters in the film. There are many camera positions such as two shot (left picture), over the shoulder shot (middle picture), and half shot (right picture).

Idea Map For Stories

An idea map is used to help create ideas for videos so that we can use the details.

How to use reflectors

Point the reflector at the person.

(This picture quality sucks) then you wan to angle it at which the sunlight could strike the reflector and reflect light on the actor.

Boom Mic

To use a boom mic properly you want to put it near enough to the actor so that the audio has good quality but do not put the boom mic into the shot.

Good Interviewing

My pitch presentation

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