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I have a Philippine @daydreamrepublic #PinMyTravels map which hangs on the wall of my workstation at home. Currently at 41/81, it’s a goal to visit all provinces of the Philippines. The visual person that I am, this constantly reminds me that there is a Philippines way beyond me that I should explore, gain experience on and learn from. There is that exciting feeling to pin more.

- Merie Clarete

I enjoy pinning our travels on these beautiful, classic, and personalized maps. They are perfect gifts for relatives and friends who love to travel.

- Herci Reyes


I thought that this will be the perfect gift for out 11th year anniversary (aside from the engagement ring, of course). Pin My Travels will help us document all the places that we’ve been to together. I had it personalized and used it to pop the question so that every time we see it, we will remember how memorable our engagement was. We are also planning to explore more of the Philippines after the wedding.

- Allan & Joie's Engagement

When we became parents, we wanted to give our son the opportunity to start this young. This map is special to us. Not only was it given by a dear friend but it encompasses all the places we brought our son. We even pinned it together while bringing up milestones and memories to him!

- RJ Dancel

With @daydreamrepublic's map, I'm constantly reminded that there's more to the world out there than what I can see. More to the world out there than any bad situation I'm stuck in.

- Le-an Lacaba

"If you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them."
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