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What is Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is, “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances", quoted from

Women who work in restaurant are usually the ones getting sexual harassed.

Anyone in the restaurant can sexual harass anyone. A customer to worker, a worker to worker,worker to manager, and manager to worker.

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There is a site called 21 Harrowing Stories On the Job, as you can tell by the title its about stories about sexual harassment.

There is many consenqences for sexual harassment. One of the consenquences is getting fired. There was a story on the site that I mentioned about a woman that was fired at a Starbucks. It says," I worked at Starbucks fro almost three years... I reported our shift manager for sexual harrasment we were told we'd be laid off the following."

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On 21 Harrowing Post of Sexual Harassment on The Job, there are multiple stories about woman who have been sexual harassed enough to buy some sort of weapon to protect themselves or ask a manager to walk with them for protection or kick out a customer. A woman by the name of Ashley had a customer that waited outside of the resturant she was working at, one of her co workers had to kick him out,"He showed up at every one of my shifts, and he stayed until I left. One day when I was working a closing shift, he wouldn’t leave ...I made my coworker kick him out."

A woman in her late 40's had to show a co worker a pocket knife because he was trying to kiss her. This was also on Huffington 21 Harrowing Stories of Sexual Harassment on The Job, it says,"pulling me towards him as if to kiss him.... I had to show him I was carrying a pocketknife so that he would leave me be."

Some what of a represention of what happened(
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