Year in Review 1 year of Work from Home for all Adobe Romania employees.

Here's a short summary of Adobe Romania's activity during the work from home period.

All employee connection and fun events moved online! :)

Over 70 events were organized for all Adobe Romania employees including hobbies webinars, photo contests with pets and Romanian landscapes, a cooking challenge, Christmas events for both employees and their children, International Women's Day workshops and webinars, Wellbeing events with special guest speakers, team buildings, and more.

We continued to support our colleagues' career and professional development with over 50 training sessions.

Trainings are focused on both technical skills, as well as soft-skills like emotional intelligence, time management, negotiation, creativity etc.

Adobe Romania is an advocate for higher education in technology and software development. We aim to connect with as many students as possible, every year, during multiple job fairs.

During the WFH period, our engineers and Talent Acquisition team members attended over 10 online events where they met over 2000 engineering students. They answered questions about Adobe's products, technologies used by our engineers, and internship opportunities. The students were also able to attend presentations on Adobe Romania and its culture.

Adobe employees from around the world, including Adobe Romania, received 12 days off during the WFH period.

To show appreciation for employees' commitment to Adobe's success, as well as to support them and their families during this difficult time, all employees were granted 12 days off to rest and better accommodate working from home.

We stayed connected and offered transparency on all Adobe news and company updates.

Many All Employee Meetings, Q&A sessions, and All Hands were organized to keep everyone informed on company updates, decisions regarding work from home, Covid-19 updates, and more. Sr Leadership members answered employees' questions and requests during these meetings.

All Adobe employees were granted a special Work From Home fund to help them set up a home office. This fund was available for purchases including furniture and other supplies.

Adobe employees also received two Wellbeing funds to support their work-life balance and encourage physical activities and their hobbies.


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Cristiana Andrei