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The term 'cross culture communication’ has evolved as a very important issue for the companies which own a diversified workforce and are a part of or participate in the globalized economy. It is vital for the employees of a globalized company to be efficient and to understand the various central points which make an effective and diverse workforce.

Cross cultural communication protocol

What Is Cross Cultural Communication Protocol?

Communication between cross cultures had taken up a major place in the society for the companies which are involved with other companies at a global platform. It is important because of the growth of the business at a global level, evolving technology and wide usage of the Internet. A company owning a diversified workforce needs to follow the cross cultural communication protocol.

What Are The Diverse Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication Protocol?

Cross cultural communication protocols

Cross-cultural communication under the UAE protocol takes into consideration a number of things. Understanding the different kinds of customs which are practiced at different business organizations. Knowing the various beliefs and the strategies which are important for healthy communication. Dealing with factors like language differences, cultures and other non-verbal differences is taught. The ability to manage the factor of power distance in an efficient manner gets possible.

What Are The Various Principles Of Cross-Cultural Communication?

Cross cultural communication protocol courses

For healthy management and effective dealing with the other companies on a globalized level, knowledge in cross-cultural communication protocol is important. In other terms, a number of principles are followed by the companies as a part of the UAE protocol. Some of these principles can be described as below:

The Differences Between Direct And Indirect Reply:

According to this principle, an individual should have the ability to do the ability to understand the tone and context of the speaker or the clients with whom he is dealing with. You need to know the particular cultures, the way back they communicate and the general tone of the speakers belonging to that culture. For instance, let us the question, “How are you?” It can either answered as “Yes, I am fine” or “Not too bad”. So, you need to first understand the meaning on a general tone and reply in a direct manner so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

Cross cultural communication protocol

Importance Of Hierarchy On Communication:

You need to have good knowledge about the various cultures. In a few cultures, people hesitate and maintain a strict hierarchy for transfer of information. Whereas in other cultures, the strictness in the structure of hierarchy is not so strict.

Considering The Time Factor While Communicating

Cross cultural communication protocol training

The importance given to the meaning of time depends on the culture. For some culture, two minutes can be exactly two minutes while for some other culture, it can even extend to half an hour. These were a few basic principles which act as the foundation for the UAE protocol of communication. You should know these if you are a part of the company which is dealing with the global industry or wants to be a part of it. Being an employee, you should be accustomed to good and diverse communication abilities.

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