Hatshepsut The queen who wAs kinG

Hatshepsut who's also known as Hatchepsut meaning 'Foremost Of Noble Ladies' had a reign of 20-22 years. After she had died people had tried to hide the fact that she ever existed. Hatshepsut was thought to be a commoner until they identified her because of a tooth! She was found without a headdress, golden sandals or any items that pharaohs were usually mummified with. It is believed that when people were trying to erase proof of her existence they moved her body to a different tomb too.

Hatshepsut is the daughter of Thutmose I and his first wife Ahmose. Her first and only husband was her half-brother Thutmose II, the son of Thutmose I and a woman that is told to be either a concubine or his second wife named Iset or Isis. Hatshepsut and Thutmose II had a daughter, named Neferune, it is rumoured that Hatshepsut had a second daughter named Neferubity though there is close to no proof of her existence. Royals marrying family members was a common practice in order to keep purity of the royal bloodline. Hatshepsut was born in 1507BC and died February 1458 BC at age 49. Her Body is 3524 years old. She was the longest Reigning female pharaoh recorded.

CT scans revealed Hatshepsut had teeth and back problems. Scientists believe that Hatshepsut's death was related to the use or over use of a cream of ointment used to rid of a chronic genetic skin condition, they believe the cream/ointment contained an ingredient or ingredients that were toxic.

Hatshepsut was buried in KV20 of The Valley Of The Kings. Found in 1903 by renowned archaeologist Howard Carter. She was preserved by mummification and in 2006 Dr Hawass said "I do not believe this mummy is Hatshepsut. She has a very large, fat body with huge pendulous breasts; and the position of her arm is not convincing evidence of royalty." Later in 2007 he admitted "I was wrong" during an interview with The Telegraph.

The walls of the tomb were unscribed and Howard Carter found two sarcophaguses the burial chamber. Hatchepsut's which is currently in the Cairo Museum and Thutmose I's which is now in Boston. Hatshepsut's canopie jars were also there which are also in the Cairo Museum. Carter also found remains of a shabati (a funerary statuette) which looks like Hatshepsut, Stone vessels on which hand the names of Thutmose I, Hatshepsut and Ahmose Nefetari. One of the most interesting artifacts is the wooden box found, not in her tomb but in DB320 that held the cartouches of Hatshepsut and her liver. She was also discovered with another female mummy who's identity remains unknown to this day, she was not preserved well. I believe the artifacts she was found with show that she was close to her Father Thutmose I and Grandmother Ahmose Nefetari.

Hatshepsut is currently located in the Cairo Museum.



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