This Little Light the story of a candle

Once there was a candle that wanted to be a fire!

The little candle often dreamed of moving to a big fireplace!

One day, his dream came true! Someone held the little candle close to some wood and his flame happily leaped into the fireplace!

And he burned happily all evening!

The End


Created with images by aarontait - "Candle Macro" • johanleijon - "Fireplace fire" • mcjess79 - "fireplace" • tvol - "roaring fire (once garin cleared the ivy off the chimney)" • akasped - "Fireplace" • PinkMoose - "Fireplace" • slgckgc - "Fire in the Fireplace" • Pexels - "amber ash burn" • jackmac34 - "fire flames fireplace" • rick - "fireplace after dinner" • Ruzzellfish - "fire campfire wood burning" • philos from Athens - "FIREPLACE" • jez.atkinson - "Fireplace" • Trinck - "fire st john firewood" • falco - "fire flame wood" • aarontait - "Candle Macro" • johanleijon - "Fireplace fire"

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