Objective-led Planning Mapplewell primary school

What is a Objective-led learning?

Objective-led planning is where you target a group of children to assess an objective.

Objective-led Planning is linked directly to specific objectives, so pupils are not just grouped in one group for all areas but needs within each area are being met at their level.

The planning states the current performance of where a child is now in relation to the objective and their next step.

The Objective-led planning is taken to the children, where the adult will play and assess alongside the child.

To begin with adults will focus on one objective together to discuss outcomes and develop confidence, this will then lead two objectives during a week.

Annotations linked to an observation can be added to the sheet or on an observation sheet to be up-loaded onto Early Essence.

Take the objective into the environment, alongside the child's play.

An example of objective-led learning sheet with annotations

Example of Objective-led planning

Here are our HCAT Objective-Led planning sheets