EVALUATION QUESTION TWO How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Digi-Pack front and back cover (outside)
Digi Pack Inside

When creating my poster and Digi-pack I tried to make them link to my music video as much as possible using different elements, including: costume, camera shots, colours, fonts and the main artist and models. These different elements would be shown (with connections) throughout the main product and different ancillary texts.

The costume of the three protagonists - the colourful African print outifts - are shown in the music video, poster and the Digi-pack. By showing these throughout, we have made sure there is a clear link between our ancillary texts and the music video that our target audience can identify. The costume is important because we wanted people to clearly identify our genre and the artist being advertised to achieve great branding. The general convention of afrobeat music videos is that there are many colours incorporated into costume and including this into our music videos and ancillary texts would help the audience identify and hopefully remember the genre of the artist.

Colour was a massive part of the music video, poster and Digi-pack as we used similar colours and house style in all three. We used primary colours (such as orange, yellow, blue and purple) as we wanted the products to be iconic and memorable. By applying the general conventions of Afrobeat music videos, posters and Digi-pack, we were able to make ours fit the conventions yet also be unique. Through my research and planning, I found that music videos apart of our genre usually had the inclusion of many colours in costume and setting, however were all quite similar, which encouraged me to think of an idea that would give our music video more appeal- such as adding an element of a narrative.

Fonts were also a big part of our final products, as this helped us keep a very visible connection between the three. I used the same font in each ancillary text and in the music video to make sure there was a sense of continuity, which helped my group make sure that each part linked with each other. This means our audience could associate this font with our music video as they would of seen it in three different products and it was now identified as branding for our products. Font was also important as I had to make sure the font chosen was relevant and suited the Afrobeat genre, as the wrong font could be misleading and confuse the audience about the genre.

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