Rue by Jessica steph

Quote or Greeting: The best revenge is massive success -Frank Sinatra

Song currently playing: Guren no Yumia-Revo

Roar- Katy Perry

Fight Song-Rachel Platten

About Me: Hi! My name is Rue! I'm from district 11 and I am the oldest in my family and I protect my younger siblings from everything that happens around us. My mom and dad love us very much and they always get so nervous whenever I go out hunting for food. I may be small but I can do mostly anything. I'm very skinny because we don't get to eat a lot of food in district 11 but I mainly think of the positives: If I'm skinny It'll be easier for me to climb trees! which btw I love to do. I made an alliance with a girl named Katniss Evergreen from district 12. She got an eleven for a score while I got an eight.. but I remember that I do everything I do with my younger siblings. my youngest brother asked me to survive for as long as I can. I told him I would.. hello to all my friends and family from district 11! I love and miss you all!

My Latest Blog Entry!

When I saw Katniss I knew she didn’t see me and I thought to myself: I can kill her. I can just kill her right now. Why can’t I kill her?! I mean she’s not a mean person as far as I can tell.. She does have a cool pin.. Mockingjays are my favorite bird. I can kill her right now! I can just end her! But I can’t and I won’t.. Because that wouldn’t be a fair kill in my opinion. She saw me and I knew I couldn’t just kill her there and now.. I pointed above her and saw the fear in her eyes. I made a sawing motion and she got the picture starting to saw but she had to stop because I think something happened to her arm, I fell asleep until I heard her call my name and she made the sawing motion again, I nodded because I understood and I started to jump from tree to tree to get away from the tracker jackers when she did end up sawing them, I sighed because I knew she only considered me a child! I hate it when people think I can’t do much because I’m just a kid! It doesn’t matter if I’m small.. I'm tough and I can fight! ...even if I don’t have any weapons and I need to use a rock for a weapon. I smirked as I heard the cannons knowing that she wasn’t dead.. So I decided to follow her. I know I’m small but no one has killed me yet! I want Katniss to see that I am strong and I don’t need to be protected! For once I want to be the one to protect someone older then me. I know I can trust Katniss because she likes music, if she didn’t like music she would have chosen a different token. So I followed her. I can’t help myself! I do want to help her! ...I think. It’s difficult because I am the oldest out of all my siblings and I swear.. Even though she’s older my heart yearns to comfort her! I know she’s hiding something. But there’s a part of me.. A small part of me that just wants to kill her. I know it’s morbid but it’s the hunger games! If I kill her then I will be treated more fairly by the others instead of just some kid! If she treats me like a person instead of just like a kid maybe I won’t kill her.


My favorite things!

I like climbing trees and singing to birds! My favorite animal is a mocking jay and my favorite thing to do is climb trees! My favorite food is most likely chocolate and I'm sure I'll have it more if I win!


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