Understanding Restoration Needs in the Sierra Nevada Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program

In order to make the case for increasing investment in forest and watershed restoration, we needed to understand the cost and scale of the restoration work that is needed across the Sierra Nevada over the next five to ten years.

Rapid assessments were completed on all 10 National Forests within the Sierra Nevada Region and are currently being “ground-truthed” with each of the individual forests.

Resource Conservation Districts gathered existing plans, assessments, and proposed projects for all 17 WIP watersheds

All of this information has been compiled and made publicly available through the Sierra Nevada Watershed Information Network (WIN).

Before the WIN, none of this information could be accessed in one place, making it difficult for partners throughout the Region to plan and connect efforts.

In fact, it was through this exercise that the Tahoe National Forest identified seven WIP Watersheds.

In each of these watersheds, the Tahoe National Forest is taking a new approach to project planning by looking at what the landscape needs over time, as opposed to what the current budget will support. This approach will allow for more holistic restoration activities to be completed that will support multiple priorities, rather than just one objective.

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