Setting Up Your 3G SolarCam System A STEP BY STEP GUIDE

If you have ordered a complete system, to include a light, you will have received 4 boxes.

Tools required for assembly.

Contents List For Boxes

Box 1

Main camera/battery enclosure and pole mounting bracket (subject to spec).

Box 2

50w LED Light

Top and bottom bracket mounts

Solar Mounting Bracket

Solar Mounting Bracket Hardware

Box 3

65w Solar Panel

Box 4

50ah deep cycles battery with connecting leads

System Test

Step 1 - Assemble the solar panel to the bracket

Assemble solar panel mounting bracket to the solar panel using the supplied mounting hardware.

STEP 2 - Attach the Light

Remove 2 x mounting nuts and spring washers from the bolts on the bottom of the main enclosure

Attach LED light onto the 2 bolts using washer and spring washers supplied.

Connect light with 4 PIN connector and screw down locking ring

Step 3 - Bolt bracket mounts onto the main enclosure

Ensure that the heads of the bolts on the bottom bracket are inside the enclosure, as the battery needs to sit on to of them.

Step 4 - Pole Mounting Bracket

You will need to bolt the mounting bracket to a suitable pole using suitably rated fasteners. The complete system weighs 30kg.

This is how the enclosure attaches to the bracket.

Step 5 - Dongle Setup

(only necessary if you are supplying your own Data SIM card).

If you are supplying your own data plan you must ensure that the card is activated, with sufficient data. The system will not work unless you have an active card.

You will find the dongle inside the enclosure plugged into the router. Pull the Dongle out of the router to insert the Data SIM card.

Slide the top cover off the dongle and ensure that the SIM card is inserted with the gold connector facing downwards.

Insert SIM card like this. The SIM Card cutout must be in the position highlighted.

Note - if you are supplying your own Data SIM card you must ensure the card has been activated and has sufficient data. The system will not work unless this step has been followed.

Re-insert the Telstra Dongle into the USB slot in the router.

Step 6 - System Test

Connect the extension lead to the battery as in the picture. (You can discard this lead when installing the system on site). This will make the system initiate and start running.

You will see a RED and a BLUE light on the main mother board. As highlighted below. After a few seconds the BLUE light will start blinking. This indicates that the code has loaded and is running successfully. After about two minutes the camera will be registered on the Spectur server and will be live.

Step 7 - Go online to check your system

If you have not received your login details please call 1 300 76 32 35 and ask for assistance.

Enter your secure Username and Password

Once you have logged in you should see live images refreshing on your Live View Screen. If this is working correctly please disconnect the battery as soon as possible to avoid draining the battery prior to installation.

You are now ready to install your system on site.

On Site Installation

Now that everything is assembled and tested you can install your solar camera system.

Ensure that the pole or surface you are mounting to is suitable. During installation you will need to comply with all appropriate OH&S regulations

SolarCam cannot accept any responsibility for unsafe installations of their systems.

Step 1

Attach the pole mounting bracket to the mounting surface. Make sure that the bolt welded into the bracket is at the botton is in the picture.

Step 2

Lift the enclosure onto the mounting bracket and secure with top and bottom nuts.

Lock the bracket in place with the supplied bolt.

Step 3

Attach the solar panel to the main enclosure. Before final tightening orientate the panels surface towards the north.

IMPORTANT: Do not plug in the solar panel leads in at this stage. It may damage the components.

Lock the solar panel in place using the nut, bolt and spring washer supplied.

Warning: Failure to attach the solar panel securely could cause death or injury

Step 4

Place the battery inside the enclosure and plug into the corresponding lead

The battery MUST be connected BEFORE you connect the solar panel leads

Step 5

Connect the solar panel leads to the corresponding plugs hanging from the back of the enclosure

Your system is now fully installed and up and running.

Wait for 3 minutes for the system to connect to our server. Then go to your secure login to check camera position.

Before leaving site, double check that all fastenings are secured tightly, that the solar panel is facing north and that live images can be viewed.

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