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Reason For Founding

One reason for founding Maryland was starting a colony for Catholic's, so they would have a safe place.

The reason for founding The Carolina's and Virginia was for making money.

The reason for founding Georgia was to block the Spanish from attacking the Carolina's.


The Southern Colonies had very long and hot summers.

The Southern Colonies had lots of swamps.

Some of the natural resources were tobacco, cotton, rice, and indigo.


Cash-crop's were one of the main ways to make money in the Southern Colonies.

You could also do lumbering to make money.

Shipping other peoples things and deliveries was another way to make money.

You could fish in the Southern Colonies and then sell anything you caught.

Tobacco, cotton, rice, and indigo were one of the main cash-crops.

Slave trading was also a way you can make money.

Fun Facts

Georgia was named after King George ll.

Plantations were often so large that families were separated by hundreds of miles, and workers or slaves often lived in housing on the plantations.

Maryland Colony, Virginia Colony, South Carolina and Georgia Colony became states in 1788, and North Carolina became a state in 1789.

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