Boom To Bust Isaiah Puffer

Poor Family's

During the Great Depression many family's were struggling. People didn't have money to buy food and were living in rags.

The Great Depression was one of the biggest American tragedy we have ever had. Many people struggled. The home life for most people was very bad. Before the Great Depression people had a pretty good home life. People had more free time. But when the Great Depression hit people would have sold their houses and lost everything.

Parent's Leaving Children

Men would leave their families because they though taking care of a family would be to hard.

Women had a tough home life. Some fathers left because they didn’t want to take care of there family so the mom’s had to by themselves.

Women Struggling

Women would not even be able to give food to their children or feed themselves.


People would live in makeshift houses. They would live in a makeshift community called Hoovervilles.

They would end up living in makeshift houses. The shanty towns were nicknamed Hoovervilles.

Leisure Time

Women would have no free time like they did in the 1920's. They would have to work or find some way to provide for their family.

People during the Great Depression did not have a lot of Leisure time. If they could afford it they would buy radio’s to listen to free music or take them away from their problems.

Children sicknesses

Children would get sick from the bad conditions and the lack of food.

How Farmers Were Doing

Farmers were living better then people in the cities. They could produce their own food.

But Farmers were living a little bit better than people that lived in the cities. This is because they can produce there own food. And they could still sell food.


They would also have the chance to sell food for little money.

With no money people couldn't buy food. Demand for farm produce continued to drop as well. In the 1920’s the government promoted the Laissez faire policy. Which that was a mistake. But when the Great Depression hit the government took responsibility for the well being of America.

No Money

But they could still not escape the Great Depression. They still had no money.

No Homes

If farmers lost their houses they would just create a camp site and live their.

Farmers Struggles

Most farmers would have to sell their houses to get money.

Dust Bowl

But farmers went through other troubles. They had to go through whats known as the Dust Bowl.

Dust Bowl Tragedy

The Dust Bowl killed all their plants and animals and just made their lives that much harder.

Government Helps Out

The government helped out the farmers and all people during this tragedy.

They tried to help everyone. They created a New Deal and bank holidays. Farmers were helped tremendously during the Great Depression. The government gave them a lot.

But we still pushed through and escaped the Great Depression which was one of the biggest tragedy's America has ever faced.

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