Stop racism BY: Malachi, AmeliA, keila

Our problem with racism is that they discriminating people because of the color.

Racism is hurtful, discriminating, and bad

Also they can be discriminated because how they talk or there language or even sometimes they can use violence

Racism is a problem because it separates America. It is also a problem because it makes the people that are being discriminated feel unequal to the people of a different race.

  • African-Americans are 33% more likely to be detained while facing a felony than white people.
  • African Americans get 10% longer sentences
  • In 2009, 2 out of 3 criminals getting life sentences were not white
  • Police are more likely to pull over over black or latino people than whites
  • white net worth is 13x greater

Steps 1

To spread the awareness that racism happens and we can stop it

Step 2

Recruit people spread the awareness

Steps 3

Opening Donations for equipment to protest

Step 4

Buy posters and diffrent equipment

Step 5

We can have a peaceful protest until are demands or met

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