Our Journey The dahliah connection

Who are we?

So first things first, who are we?! Well for starters, we live in Toronto. I, Karine am a full time student at the Univeristy of Toronto studying Health and a fur momma. (Has absolutely nothing to do with design, i know!) Aubrey used to be a wedding photographer and now works at a bank along with being our photographer now and obviously theres our dogs, Zoey and Dahaliah! Zoey is a 6 year old pug, shes turning 7 in February, Dahliah on the other hand is exactly 10 weeks old! Shes a mini Australian Labradoodle. (P.S if you guys want a separate post on Dahliah and her breed let us know!) The four of us compose our new baby company The Dahliah Connection.

Now some cute photos i wanted to share of the pups with you guys because who doesnt like puppy pictures?

Dahliah at 3 weeks

Dahliah at 4 weeks

Dahliah at 7 weeks

When we brough Dahliah home! YAY!

Zoey at Cherry Beach, Ontario

Zoey in her Zoey Bandana

Getting to know each other...maybe?


Nap time!

How did we get here?

You've probably already guessed it, our brand is inspired by our dogs. We even named it after one of them LOL! Yes, we're that obsessed with our adorable pups! They're our babies and we're sure you understand our craziness.

It started when we were waiting for Dahliah to come home, seeing the cute puppy pictures but not being able to bring them home was torture. We fell in love with just the photos and we were totally obsessed, i wanted to buy her absolutely everything!! Coats, toys, boots, clothes and the list goes on and on! It was so difficult to stop myself but i would have been broke if i didnt Lol.

I discovered Etsy when i wanted to buy Dahliah a custom name tag. I slowly discovered the wide variety of things that Etsy offered for dogs and puppies, i was hooked! Ive always loved doing hand made things but never tried. Myself confidence in doing anything pretty was zero! everytime i looked at something for inspiration i would say: "this is too hard" or "i would never be able to make something like that" im sure lots of you are famliar with those kind of thoughts. Until one day, i came across bandanas at some of my favourite Etsy stores and I thought to my self, i can make a bandana!

Aubrey was SO supportive and hes the one who actually pushed me to do it. Well him and my mom to be honest. She loves hand made stuff too, its where i get it from. So, off we went to buy a sewing machine and watching tons of tutorials on how to make a bandana. I watched so many videos, mainly on how to finish off the edges and non were how i wanted them to look. I want my products to be clean, elegant, high quality. Not cheap looking, so i decided to attempt making a rolled hem. I tried so many times i lost count of my attempts and every single time it didnt work. It just didnt look like how i wanted it to. I was about to throw this entire thing out the window but then i did more research and learned about the Oh 'Mighty serger and everything has changed ever since! I got my beautiful rolled hem and i started using the beautiful fabrics i bought, YAY! Finally, some progress!

We actually started this at the end of summer, so everything i bought was nice, light, and had beautiful summer colours. Well, now that winter is around the corner and so are the holidays. i had to buy more suitable fabric so last week, i bought this amazing fleece super rare fabric. Oh and by the way, all of our fabric come in limited amounts its all unique and rare so once they run out of it at the store its gone forever! Anyway, back to this amazing fleece fabric i bought, its so amazing words cannot do it justice its just so pretty!

So i made a bandana as soon as I could and then i was so sad because the edges had rolled over and curled. Its not how its supposed to be i thought being all sad at my failure, especially that this fabric was expensive! :( I remembered i bought some flattner which smells amazing by the way. I had planned on using it for packaging, and then my 💡 went off. I had an idea!! I set up my own cute little experiment to test it on two pieces of fabric and the diference was unbelievable!! heres a picture to show you-

It amazes me how far i've come, i had absolutely no idea what i was doing when i started and now here i am treating fabric and making things i didnt imagine i would be doing.

Now that ive figured out the curling issue we're almost ready to release our first ever winter bandana! Its coming out TONIGHT YAAAYY 🎉🎊

Holidays Are Around The Corner!

Holidays are just around the corner!! Who's excited?! I know i am!! Especially with us releasing our first winter collection bandanas and more festive ones are coming! AHH how exciting is that!! Okay okay so, we know you guys have too spend lots of money 💰 💰 💰because its holiday shopping season 🛍! So, we've decided to give our shop a MASSIVE discount throught the entire course of the holidays!! Everything is now super cheap and you can buy beautiful affordable bandanas for the holidays! Remember that we have limited amounts of fabric so if you like anything, snatchi it before anyone else!!


We've been rambling about this "surprise" and we're very happy to say thattttt we're giving our first 3 customers something VERY special!

We're going to be giving our first customer a FREE bandana in addition to the one they ordered PLUS FREE SHIPPING!! Yaaayy!! Not to forget a lovely note from us too.

The other two customers will be getting a free bandana on top of the one that was ordered.

You'll have the option to either let us pick for you or pick yourself. We can even make something EXTRA special by making a custom order! A FREE CUSTOM ORDER !!! Are you freaking out already?! Well you should be!!

We also have made a few changes, in addition to the massive sale and something special for our first 3 customers we decided to offer domestic customers who are short-driving distance of our location the option to pick up their orders and have their shipping fees waived!! Details on that is in our FAQ's section. So, be sure to check that out!! You also get to meet us in person and Dahliah!

WE'RE SO EXCITED not only to meet you but to get to know you through our products.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this post and that we've sent over some of our excitement to you!

Lots of Love from The Dahliah Connection family! xxx

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