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“Tibetan cultural images describe yetis as ape-like rather than bear-like, with long arms, a powerful torso, a conical head, and a body covered in long brown or reddish hair”

Hollywood and similar parties, such as Walt Disney World, definitely cashed in on the myths. There is an entire film category dedicated to movies about the Yeti, with over 50 movies in that genre. They painted the Yeti as a monster, and made millions off of it.

“Forgotten, shunned, mocked, and relegated to outsider status by even many who love the horror oeuvre from which it springs, Ciné du Sasquatch has nonetheless eked out a continued existence as filmic spectacle, and even a quiet if recently growing rebirth in terms of quantity and quality”
Eric Shipton's famous Yeti footprint.

Some explorers searched for truth...

"But interest in the Yeti was not just driven by greed, even when the interest manifested itself as movies and fabulous memoirs."

Others searched for money.

“Rawicz’s story was most likely fake; his book’s geography was so confused that Shipton, among others, doubted its veracity. Moore’s account also seemed nothing more than an invention to cash in on interest in the Himalayan monsters”

“It is the mi teh yeti which appears in the Buddhist temple adornments, religious thangka painted scrolls, and the stores I describe presently”

The Yeti played an important role in many Tibetan religious ceremonies. The Tibetan people had a relationship with the Yeti built out of respect, more so than fear. They never exploited the Yeti for their own personal gains.

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