The Guadalupe St. Blues A walk through the views of

Guadalupe Street is one of the most iconic streets in Austin, and is a proud part of the UT campus. Despite the lively surroundings this street holds during the day, the night highlights the busy, exhausting, and sometimes lonely life of a college student.
Jimmy, a UT student, stops to share his thoughts on "Guadalupe street at night" after a long night at the library, before catching a late dinner with some of his friends.
Students patiently waiting for the lights to change on one of the many lit corners that pepper Guadalupe street.
Kat, a UT student, poses after she gives us more of an insight into the different "vibe" and "feel" of Guadalupe street at night while she takes her break at work.
Alex and Micky, roommates, wait in line for Indian food after a long day of class and work. Alex says that this is the first time she has eaten all day.
Jamal and Nicole were studying for their biology midterm all night and decided to take a dinner break before they went home to continue studying.
When I arrived at this corner, this lonely student was sitting and calmly waiting for the bus. When I left 30 minutes later he was still waiting for the very same bus. This picture alone, summed up a little thing i learned to call, the Guadalupe street blues.

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