Putting a Stop to Fracking

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Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", is the extraction of oil or gas using highly pressurized liquid that cracks open shale deposits thousands of feet into the ground.

The framework of fracking is quite older than you think.

Dating back to the Civil War, explosions were created with blasting powder placed in drilled oil wells to quicken the production of oil.

Fracking has had an impact on our environment for some time.

Hydraulic fracturing should be banned from further obstruction of American land due to an increase in abnormal earthquakes, alarming levels of water contamination around fracking sites, and the undeniable addition fracking has on the global climate crisis.

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Seismology testing has correlated the increase in earthquakes in middle America with states that continue to welcome fracking sites in their counties.

Due to constant drilling, a spike in earthquakes have proved to remain a burden on not only residents living closest to the fracking sites, but taxpayers as well.

Residents living near fracking sites are prone to contamination.

Over 600 chemicals are used, along with tons of water, to crack shale rock deep within the ground.

The chemical mixture is never completely retained when finished drilling, so runoff seeps in with groundwater.

This effects drinking water reserves for locals living near the site.

Fracking adds to the global climate crisis, resulting in record droughts, millions of gallons of water wasted, and carbon emissions released between transport trucks at each site.

"...not inherently a bad idea..."

Those supporting fracking have argued for some time that gas drilling has been a game changer for energy, and that because of it, gas prices have been able to decrease in recent years.

But are the benefits of fracking, especially considering the push for greener energy, worth the risks?

Prohibiting hydraulic fracturing could benefit us in so many ways.

This promotes innovation to think towards a greener future in energy, and sends the message that those in control hold responsibility to not put Americans at health risks.


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