Lexi Masure Rockets

Hello my name is Lexi and today i will teach you about rockets. They are a big technological advancement we've had and aren't only toys you give to kids to entertain them they have sent many people into space. I have experienced the fun first hand when we created a blue print for a rocket then teamed up with someone else who had a one of a kind idea and merged them for the ultimate rocket. (of course the rocket was made out of paper we're only in middle school People). We learned how to work together and build a rocket. When that was done the person that had the highest shot won we determined that with an old soda bottle filled with air so when we stepped on it air shot the rocket up. Through the fun of the experience i learned that the old bottle made all the difference because of the pressure it put on the rocket. With the pressure build up it was able to shoot the rocket up and help people to ther victory.


Created with images by jurvetson - "Wireless Video Rocket"

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