Auschwitz The concentration camp in poland.

Auschwitz is a concentration camp located in Oswiecim, Poland. This concentration camp was used during World War II. It opened in 1940 and it was the largest Nazi concentration camp at the time. It was stated that at least 1,100,000 Jews from all countries died at this camp and also around 140,000 Poles. Many of the Jews were sent to gas chambers and were used as slaves. They were treated horribly and suffered each day. Rarely anybody survived being in the Auschwitz concentration camp due to all the suffer. The people were physically and mentally hurt on an every day basis. by the Nazi's of Germany.

Nobody deserves to get treated the way people at Auschwitz were. The campers were innocent people that were taken away from their homes and were sent into the concentration camp, where every day just kept getting worse and worse for them. They were treated terribly and weren't allowed to say anything about it. The campers had to go along with the Nazi's or else they would've gotten punished. The most common punishment at Auschwitz was getting killed.

Visiting Auschwitz...
Visiting Auschwitz

There are tours of the concentration camp today, where over a million people visit yearly. The person that is in charge of the tours have a group of people that they walk around with. It's offered in different languages such as Polish as well English. Visiting Auschwitz is not easy, due to the fact that it was a place where millions of innocent lives were taken. People died there from all ages, including young children. These people were brought to the camp accused to be Jews. All Jews were threatened and brought into the camp without a say, they had no choice but to go.

Everything was taken away from the people that were brought into the camp, including their shoes, artificial limbs, glasses, as well as all their personal belongs that were placed in their suit cases. As soon as they were brought into the camp, they became slaves. These people had no say and had no choice but to do what the Nazi's told them to do. It was normal for them to get threatened every single day and to work on the field as early as 4 or 5 a.m. As soon as everybody heard a Nazi, they had to get up and be ready to work the whole day, without any break. If a Nazi caught a camper falling asleep or taking a break, the camper would get physically hurt or even sometimes killed.

The campers had to sleep together in "beds", all in one room. These "beds" were just wood or brick with some hay on top. The campers were placed together by gender. All families were separated from each other as soon as they entered the camp. Married couples had to be going into two seperate directions as well as the children. Over a million of children were killed at Auschwitz. However, many people tried to save them. Many children were sent to ghettos, but a lot of them didnt make it due to lack of nutrition and shelter.

There were hundreds of people sent to gas chambers everyday, where they died slowly and painfully. The gas chambers were closed for many year. No one as well as tourists were allowed to go inside them for many years, however it reopened a few years ago. Many tourists state that they get chills when walking into the chamber. It gives the people a negative feeling and makes them want to get out as soon as possible. These chambers were used to kill millions of people and young children within just a few years.

When visiting Auschwitz, it's important to show respect to all the lives that were lost. So many families all around Europe were effected by this historical event that will never be forgotten. When visiting, it's important to stay quiet in order to remember all the lives that were taken in the location. This historical event was something that changed the world as well as history forever. It's important to learn about what happened during World War II and it's also important to think of everything that happened to the millions of people, at Auschwitz.

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