analysing communication methods


The photo on the left is from THE APPRENTICE and is a good example of VISUAL COMMUNICATION as they are all dressed fomaly and they all look like they are ready to work. In this particular scene they are on their way to go and impress Sir Alan Sugar. The formal clothes would shows that they want to impress him and that they are in a serious frame of mind. The picture on the right is from THE APPRENTICE and this is a good example of bad VERBAL COMMUNICATION as the lady in the pink is dressed in more casual everyday clothes. In this scenec they were going to knock on the publics doors to do a survey . This type of clothing would not impress Sir Alan Sugar.


In the photo on the left they are all communicating well with each other and they are all calm and listening to each others ideas. Sir Alan Sugar would be happy with this scene and they are all showing a formal personality. However in the photo on the right , in this scene they are swearing at each other and they are very angry. Sir Alan Sugar would not be impressed with this and would say that this is not very professional.


in the photo on the right the lady is showing good note taking. She is taking notes of her customers advice and is showing that she is making room for improvement. On the right this picture is showing that they arnt taking notes of what their customers are saying and they are coming up with things off the top of their head.

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