How is Manning's case somewhat different from what happened to Edward Snowden?

Manning had confessed to her crimes and accepted her sentence, but Snowden fled the country to try and get out of going to prison. In fact, “Chelsea Manning is somebody who went through the military criminal justice process, was exposed to due process, was found guilty, was sentenced, for her crimes, and she acknowledged wrongdoing. Mr. Snowden fled into the arms of an adversary and has sought refuge in a country,” according to Josh Earnest, a White House spokesman, in a New York Times article. Manning had gone through the right criminal justice programs and admitted to the crimes she committed, but Snowden decided to flee the country to seek refuge. Snowden tried to dodge all the accusations against him, although Manning admitted to her crimes and her term was way more extreme. In relation, “‘Snowden dodged blame, fled the country and is hiding from prosecution,’ whereas Manning admitted guilt without a deal and eventually confessed. Manning’s term was quite ‘extreme’ and ‘without historical precedent’ and she had already served more than six years,” stated an anonymous source with the knowledge of the White House’s thoughts throughout this whole ordeal. Snowden basically tried to get himself out of going to jail by fleeing the country, but what Manning did was confess to her crimes and accepted her prison sentence. People should also be aware of the way that she is being treated in prison by guards, other inmates, etc.

What does the fact that Manning tried to commit suicide 2 times say about the way people like her are treated?

Many people don’t consider that Manning is not being treated well which was probably one of the reasons why she tried to commit suicide. Expanding on that, “Her mental state and her condition have deteriorated significantly, she became depressed, she tried to commit suicide twice and was punished for it by the prison authorities. There was a clear risk to her well being, if not her life, if she remained in this prison. I don’t think that she should have spent a single day in prison.” This is stated in recorded interview with Glenn Greenwald who visited Manning in prison. Because Manning had been in jail she became depressed and was not treated very well which eventually led to her trying to commit suicide twice. Also Manning’s environment in prison also was a reason why she would often have “fits” and react negatively in response to the way she was being treated. In relation, “Testimony showed that she had been in a mental and emotional crisis as she came to grips, amid the stress of a war zone, with the fact that she was not merely gay but had gender dysphoria. She had been behaving erratically, including angry outbursts and lapsing into catatonia mid sentence,” States Charlie savage, a New York Times journalist. This shows that Manning had a lot of mental and emotional problems caused by prison and war zones and she would lash out because of it. Many of us don't know why Manning actually released classified info out into the public.

Why would Manning want to release classified US military info out to the public?

Manning wanted to make more people aware of the certain horrifying activities and actions that the US military was undergoing in many other countries to hopefully get the word out and make the US change some certain military routines. To expand, “Manning said he leaked a massive database of incident reports from Iraq and Afghanistan because he believed they might ‘spark a domestic debate on the role of the military and our foreign policy in general as it relates to Iraq and Afghanistan’ He hoped people who saw the dramatic video of a 2007 Apache helicopter strike in Iraq he leaked would be outraged by the ‘delightful bloodlust’ of the pilots.” This is a quote from Adrian Chen, a journalist for Gawker(an unbiased source). Chelsea Manning chose to leak out this info because she wanted to get more people to become aware of the brutal actions that the US military was undergoing in these foreign countries which are very inhumane. In relation, “I chose to disclose classified information in 2010, I did so out of a love for my country and a sense of duty to others. I believe that the current limits on press freedom and excessive government secrecy make it impossible for Americans to grasp fully what is happening in the wars we finance.” This is a few statements made from Chelsea Manning in a New York Times article on her decision to leak out info to the public. In this statement, Manning explains that she leaked out the info because she felt the need to do so and make people more aware of the secrets that the US was hiding from everyone and how crucial they were. Many people also wonder why Obama had chosen to release Manning out early 7 years into her 35 year sentence.

Why did Obama choose to release Manning out early?

Obama had released Manning because the sentence that she had been given was far more extreme than any whistleblower convicted of anything and her mental state in prison was not healthy and it would have progressively gotten worse if she had stayed in prison longer. Relatively, “he thinks the penalty that was assigned this gentlemen -- ah, former gentlemen -- was extreme, and that in his ongoing effort to change the laws of the United States, or change the judicial system of the United States, change the Constitution of the United States. So the President simply says, ‘Oh, that’s too much. He’s served seven years so far at one stage or another; that’s justice.’” This is a quote from a Breitbart journalist named, John Hayward. This explains that Obama released Manning because the sentence that she had received was unjust and unnecessary for anyone convicted of any whistleblowing crime no matter how critical or crucial it was. Expanding on that, “By that standard, 35 years seems extremely excessive, much longer than the time anyone -- civilian or military has spent in prison for leaking documents. Obama may also have considered Manning’s discomfort and depression -- she has tried to die by suicide at least twice -- as the only transgender woman in an all-male Army prison in Fort Leavenworth. If so, even U.S. Army regulations allow for the possibility of a reduced sentence.” This is a statement from a journalist in a Slate article named, Fred Kaplan, and his opinion on Obama’s decision to release Manning. This informs that the sentence Manning had been given was way too extreme and Obama had considered the state of health that she was in inside prison and how she was being treated which was also unjust. Many people are starting to think about what type of US military soldiers have access to the same types of documents that Chelsea Manning had access to. They start to wonder how Manning would have access to the info that she had leaked out?

How did Chelsea Manning have/gain access to the classified info that she leaked?

Manning had a job in the military like every other soldier and her job had given her access to secret classified military documents and info that she could take and do almost anything with. In fact, “At the time that the leaks began to emerge, she was working for the military as a ‘middle-man’ of sorts for information. She would make sure that intelligence analysts received the information that they were trying to get a hold of. Manning had access to many upper-level classified materials, and because of her nature of being someone who dealt with lots of classified files everyday, it became difficult for the government to detect a strange pattern.” This is a quote from an unbiased article from Cornell University. It explains that the job that Manning had in the military was most likely the answer for why she had access to classified info because she was exposed to it and worked with it everyday. Again, “Some experts have tried to explain how Manning was able to gain access to the secret cables in their thousands. It has been pointed out that the U.S. military had recently introduced an information-sharing initiative called Net-Centric Diplomacy which allowed insiders to gain access to classified information.” This is a quote from a journalist named, Nagesh Narayana, who works for the IB Times. It points out that the US military has certain documents and programs available for certain soldiers in the military to where they can access classified information whenever they please.

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Commuted: Reduce something often used in the judicial court, for example, reducing a prison sentence.

Conviction: Someone is charged with a criminal offense and is thrown in jail or prison. Basically a statement saying that someone is guilty of a specific crime.

Intelligence Analyst: Someone who works for the government that brings pieces of info together from many credible sources to examine threats and prevent further attacks from interior and exterior opponents and enemies.

Solitary Confinement: A form of prison punishment where an inmate will be isolated from everything in the outside world including, social human contact apart from prison guards, and are locked in a room for 22-24 hours a day that can last for days and sometimes decades.

Pardon: When a president forgives an inmate or criminals’ offense or conviction.

Presidential Commutation: Where a president can shorten an inmate’s prison sentence without changing their initial conviction of their crime that they committed.

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