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-Sir Walter Raleigh was born in the year about 1554.His parents were Catherine Champernowne,and Walter Raleigh.There family were from England.{Sir Walter Raleigh bronze statue rests by the new City of Raleigh Convention Center. The statue was done by Italian sculptor Bruno Lucchesi,and dedicated on Dec. 3, 1976 in the city's Bicentennial Plaza. It was moved to the convention center site upon it's opening.}
He was born in Hayes Barton, near Budleigh Salterton, in Devon [England].He grew up in a farmhouse near the village of East Budleigh. With his his brothers and parents.In fact It was built in 1484, or possibly earlier, and is constructed using cob walls, based on a stone foundation.
At the age of 17, Walter Raleigh left England for France to fight with the Huguenots (French Protestants) in the Wars of Religion. In 1572, he attended Oriel College, Oxford, and studied law at the Middle Temple law college. During this time, he began his life-long interest in writing poetry.
-His occupation was being an explorer.Between 1584 and 1589, he helped establish a colony near Roanoke Island (present-day in north Carolina),which he named Virginia. A voyage was sent in 1590, only to find no trace of the colony. The settlement is now remembered as the "Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. He was knighted in 1585, and within two years became Captain of the Queen's Guard.
July 22: Sir Walter Raleigh backs the first English Colony in North America (North Carolina) led by John White to the English Roanoke Colony.August 18: Virginia Dare born in Roanoke colony , the first English child born in North America became captain of the Queen's guard.
Sir Walter Raleigh was an English adventurer and writer who established a colony near Roanoke Island, now known as Virginia.A couple of his favorite Quotes are Fain would I climb, yet fear I to fall. Our passions are most like to floods and streams, The shallow murmur, but the deep are dumb. Hatreds are the cinders of affection.
Sir Walter Raleigh forfeited Elizabeth's favor with his courtship of and subsequent marriage to one of her maids-of-honor, Bessy Throckmorton, in 1592 .She was born in April 16, 1565 Died: 1647, England, United Kingdom,there kids we're Carew Raleigh,(1605- 1666),Damerei Raleigh,(March 1592- October 1592),Walter Raleigh,(?)Parents: Anne Carew, Nicholas Throckmorton.
Sir Walter Raleigh’s aggressive actions toward the Spanish did not sit well with the pacifist King James I, [Elizabeth's successor].Raleigh’s enemies worked to taint his reputation with the new king Accused of treason by King James I, Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned and eventually put to death. However, the sentence was commuted to imprisonment in the Tower in 1603. There Raleigh lived with his wife and servants and wrote his "History of the World" in 1614.
He was released in 1616 to search for gold in South America. Against the king's approval, he invaded and pillaged Spanish territory, was forced to return to England,and was arrested on the orders of the king. His original death sentence for treason was invoked, and he was executed at Westminster. He died in October 29 1618.
Raleigh was interested in seamanship and navigation. With his wealth he built a warship, which he named the Ark Ralegh. He later gave this to Queen Elizabeth I ,who changed the name to the Ark Royal. This ship later became the flagship of the English fleet, which fought against the Spanish Armada under the command of Lord Howard of Effingham. Although Raleigh did not command a ship, he was the Queen’s naval adviser and helped Sir John Hawkins to implement improvements to the design of ships, an important factor in the success of the English fleet against the Spanish.
Clearly, Sir Walter Raleigh was a great explorer for what he did. If it weren’t for Sir Walter Raleigh, we probably wouldn’t have the state of Virginia here in America. Raleigh wouldn’t have been able to go on his journey if his cousin, Sir Francis Drake, didn’t give Raleigh money. If he didn’t give him money he wouldn’t have been able to buy a ship either. Raleigh was beheaded and killed on October 29, 1618 for committing treason.



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