they cage the animals at night author: Jennings Michael burch by: shamar williams 3/7/2017

preview of the amazing book

as you may know from the title the book is called they cage they animals at night. this book is based off of a true story. the author of the book is the main charter in the book. the setting of the book is based in new York. the reason why there is an orphaning is because Jennings mother had 4 kids all boys and she wasent stable enough to take care of them. so she always sent them to orphans home. but she would always came back to get them. also they never went to the same orphans home. multiple times Jennings has ran away from the orphans home but wound up hungry and cold. back in the 90s the people who ran the orphan home were nuns u would think they were nice but they really aren't. they were cural and brutal to the kids. for example say if one kid didn't close his eyes during prayer they would be hit and starved. if you like stories that are based on true stories this is the book for you.

this is what the apartments looked like when Jennings and his four brothers and mother lived there. the author described the apartment as old worn up and out of fashion. the only positive side of the aparement was that they had a t.v in the living room this picture isent the actual picture of the apartment thst they lived in I think this one is nicer than the one Jennings described in the book.
while Jennings were in the orphanage he had thoughts of running away. so one day he ran away and got on a bus and meat Sam. Jennings tell Sam about history and Sam says he was an orphan too and how he ran away. fast forwad to a couple mONTHS later Jennings finds himself on the same bus that Sam drives and they talk more and Sam calls Jennings his son that he never had. and Sam gives Jennings his phone number and tellshim to call him.
thank you for taking your time to read through my book report I hope that you are interested in reading the book after reading this.


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