Paris, France by:Stephanie Salazar

The weather in Paris is very pleasing, and is mostly cloudy so I'll be taking some shorts, Jeans, short sleeve T-shirts, and some light sweaters. The temperature does not go up very high but it's also not too cold making the weather perfect for my trip.
I will be Traveling by plane on the Air France Airline the cost for the round trip will be 1,839 Dollars. Metro - There are also weekly and monthly tickets called the Carte Orange(Orange Card). It's a travel pass good for unlimited travel on the Paris metro and bus network. 10.59 Dollars or 10 Euros (7 days - 74.13 Dollars or 70 Euros) Bikes - The 1 day ticket costs-1€ (1 US Dollar)or the 7 day ticket which costs 5€ (5.31 US Dollars) entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys throughout the entire period of your subscription, the first 30 minutes of each journey being automatically free of charge. (7 days - $5.31 Dollars ) The RER - This is a sort of suburban line that goes further outside the city though it has several stops in central Paris and in some cases may be more convenient. You can use your metro ticket on these too, but only in the central part of the city. (Same as Metro Orange Card) Walking - If you walk around you can capture more of Paris' beauty than if you take a train or a Taxi because i think you can get more time to walk around not to mention it's great exercise :) For this trip I will be using bikes to move around faster than I would by foot and the Metro to get to places that I cant get around by foot. However there will be places where a Metro won't be able to take me and where bikes will not be allowed so when this Situation has come I will walk by foot to absorb the atmosphere around me and have a chance to remember it some more. (The only time I will be using the RER is when me and my friends will travel from Paris to Disney land Paris.)
As soon as I get off my plane I will be changing my Dollars into Euros 1 american Dollar is equal to .94 Euros.
Once we get our Euros we will be able to go to our hotel and take a break by going to the hotel and unpack for our 7-day vacation the Rating is 9.6 of 10 The Ritz Paris Hotel is one of the best hotels in the world. As soon as we walked in we were shocked with the beautiful sightings that we had seen, from the elegant hallways and lobbies, to the shinny dangling Chandeliers.
This will be the Suite where we will be staying A stay in Ritz Paris is 7415.98 Dollars or 7000 Euros for 7 days and 8 nights.
This is the Hotel pool where we will be relaxing for a while.
Eiffel Tower : Skip-The-Line with Summit Access for $53.16 Euros which is 56.70 US Dollars For our visit to the Eiffel Tower we will have to be there 30 minutes before our scheduled time to be prepared, but will be able to skip the long lines and o straight to the elevator and go up to the second floor with our host by our side telling us about the Louvre, Les Invalides, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Champ de Mars. We will take pictures and will be able to enjoy the extraordinary view from 114 meters above ground.
$155.63 Dollars for 2-Day 2-Park Hopper Ticket it"s an Admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park for 2 days.(it does not have to be in the same day).The ticket is valid for both Disney parks on both days so we will be going on 2 separate days.
“Love the museum and it's a beautiful one both inside out” ~ Tourist for this attraction we get to skip the lines with the Skip-the-Line Louvre Ticket and we get to go to the Louvre Museum and get a Walking Tour Double Feature for 48.82 Euros which is about 50 US dollars.

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