Hang In There

Finals week is all that stands between you and a break from class. That said, we recognize that just because you don't have classes to worry about doesn't mean it will be the relaxing winter break you need. Many of our students work jobs (some more than one) to make ends meet and for you, this might mean picking up more hours during the holiday season to earn some extra income. Some of you might be responsible for babysitting younger siblings or caring for older adults in your house who need extra assistance. Know that we are thinking of you and that most offices will remain open the majority of the winter break, so if things come up and you have questions - feel free to reach out. We'll be happy to do what we can to connect you to additional resources so you can get off to a good start this coming spring.

Below, you'll find tips for surviving finals week, resources like blank coloring pages, spotify playlists, podcast recommendations, etc and a few cool feature stories as well. We even have some curated messages from members of the Menlo community to encourage you to keep going!

Good Luck on Finals OAKS

Whether this is your first college finals week, or one of your last, it can be stressful. Below we have some good luck messages from a few of your Student Government representatives with their tips to nail finals!

Multicultural Representative - Abby Roxas

Day Student Representative - Courtney Cooper

Wellness Representative - Lina Lakoczky-Torres

We mentioned in the last newsletter an exciting partnership with Ellipsis Health. Now that we are in full launch mode, we hope you'll take a minute to test it out. Their app uses voice technology, AI and machine learning, to detect levels of depression and anxiety. Download it today and start taking better care of your mental health!

Meet the new Dean of Student Affairs!

Dr. La'Tonya Rease Miles or "Dr. LT"

I am excited to join the Menlo Community as Dean of Student Affairs. I look forward to working with you to optimize your experience at Menlo College and beyond. Please know that I am a proud first-generation college graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park where I majored in English literature. I've also earned a Ph.D. in English from UCLA. Additionally, I am passionate about nearly all sports, "The Flash" and my new favorite show, "Ted Lasso." I look forward to seeing you on campus hopefully someday soon, and also know that you are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn and on Instagram, @drltreasemiles. Best of luck as you finish the semester.

For When You Need A Break

Here are some more podcasts, playlists, coloring pages, and more to help you de-stress between your finals. Check 'em out and be sure to give us additional recommendations if you've got a go-to playlist, recipe, or app that helps you perform at your best. We even have a digital cookbook featuring recipes from Menlo faculty and staff!

Top Finals Study Tips

  • Get plenty of rest. It can be tempting to cram in a last-minute study session, but your brain needs sleep to perform at it's best so make sure you get 7 - 8 hours of sleep the night before a big exam or presentation.
  • Take breaks. For every 30 min you study, take a short 10 - 15 minute break to recharge.
  • Create a study schedule - and follow it. Splitting the material into chunks create mini-goals so you can keep track of what you've accomplished and not get overwhelmed.
  • Study smarter. Review your notes, past assignments, quizzes, and tests to see where you've done well and what you didn't quite understand the first time around. Spend more time reviewing the material you struggled with before and less time on the concepts you already understand.
  • Ask for help. Don't be embarrassed to get help, and email your professors if there's something in an assignment you don't understand or an technical issue you're experiencing.

International Student Vlog

This semester has been challenging in a number of ways, but for our international students, the added struggles of taking classes in different time zones and ever-changing federal regulations have posed even greater obstacles for those studying outside the U.S. boders. With this vlog, we hope to take advantage of these rare circumstances and showcase a few of our international students in their home countries!

Join Celina Husung, a junior marketing major at Menlo College and also the Resident Student Representative on SGA, as she takes you through a snippet of her hometown in Germany.

If you wish to contribute to the vlog, email your video to Celina at celina.husung@menlo.edu!


(Not all grads pictured, but we tried to find as many as we could!)

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