Haimov Kevin KIm

Business Model

Haimov is a high end jewelry wholesaler who sells to jewelry retail stores and celebrities. They are very well known in the jewelry world for their custom designs and watches. Their success is attributed to making connections and providing great products for a cheap price. Many other wholesalers try to compete with Haimov, but they are unable to find a balance between price and quality. Also, Haimov has a large inventory perfect for any jewelers demand.

Dwayne Wade with a Haimov watch

Business Structure

Haimov is owned by two brothers. The older brother Igar Haimov focuses on high end diamond pieces, and the younger brother Jay Haimov focuses on gold pieces. The diamond side of the business is smaller. However, it produces higher profits and it does not require many sales. Whereas the gold side of the business is a greater component of Haimov. The gold pieces range from 20 dollars to thousands of dollars.

Miami Cuban Necklace


Miami is where the business located, but Haimov does business globally.

Downtown Miami

The internship

Haimov takes in interns very rarely. However, those who becomes interns become salesman for the company. They learn the business while traveling Florida to sell jewelry for Haimov.

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