Village of Hobart Avree VanderVesT | pirman 3/4

Town Hall Address: 2990 S. Pine Tree Rd. Hobart, WI 54155

Five events:

1. Request for 3 streetlights on Hiltonhead - residents have asked for more streetlights to ensure safety in Hobart.

2. Placement of guardrail on Bvl. Curve - resident asked for gaurdrails for safety, but officials have decided it's not needed.

3. Hemlock Creek Subduvision - Town of Lawrence and Hobart want to combine water and sewage.

4. Recycling Collection Agreement - residents requested new garbage and recycling bins.

Issue: Adding Archery Range to Four Seasons Park

Citizens of Hobart are discussin potentially adding an archery range at Four Seasons Park. People have requested adding a practice archery range at the park, because the nearest outdoor archery range is located in Neenah. The city of Hobart decided not to put in an archery range, I'm guessing because of safety reasons. In my opinion, adding a archery range could potentially draw future residents, and it would've been in their favor to add. Archery ranges are not very expensive, the only downside is the safety concerns.

Interesting information: there was an investigation to see how many schools or clubs were in favor of the archery range,

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