Twist Magnetic series #8

Now available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Twist turns on a flash fiction sculpted of three short stories or possibly only a single noir told from three points of view or perhaps a waking dream in three time signatures. A photoessay that neither illustrates the narrative nor explains the photos, the subtle quirks of Twist emerge among overheard phrases, uneasy enjambments, and eclectic urban images to form a work that revels in the questions, contradictions, and vitality that are New York.

Magnetic is an artist’s book series of image/text collage. Photographs of New York City are combined with short stories, scraps of found text and brief passages from the artist's reading that together suggest the city in a form appropriated from cinematic scripts and storyboards, design briefs, flash fiction, and poetry.

© 2016, Susan Maiermoul.

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Created By
Susan Maiermoul



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