Life of Andrew Within Cal state fullerton

Andrew La is a fourth year communications major with a concentration in public relations.

He's done it all. He's made so many memories, with so many involvements, with so many people. He began in Orientation, moved up as a Tour Guide for the university, co founded a food organization and became president, became Vice President of Sigma Nu Fraternity, elected onto ASI's Board of Directors representing the College of Communications, volunteered as Spirit Staff for ASI's Camp Titan philanthropy and is now beginning his journey representing more than 40,000 students as ASI's Vice President for the 2017-2018 academic year. Is he truly human?
Just a few historical moments of Andrew's time at Cal State Fullerton
Life As Andrew (Photoshop Project)

"Life As Andrew" is a Photoshop project to highlight the different involvements of his collegiate career. From the palm trees on campus, to his travels to San Francisco on behalf of the Board of Directors, to even being mentioned by his department as Tour Guide Tuesday. This image represents being happily involved.

Spring Breakers at Cal State Fullerton (InDesign Project)

"Spring Breakers at Cal State Fullerton" is an InDesign project from his Communications 317 class. The goal was to create a potential poster of an ASI event during Spring Break for those who live on campus during that week. A couple of the main rules for this project was asymmetry and eye flow. With his love of palm trees and the California weather, Andrew created this poster to represent fun under the sun.

My Mind Left My Body - Movie Poster Rework (Photoshop Project)

"My Mind Left My Body" is a rework for a B-Line movie poster assignment for Andrew's Communications 317 class using Photoshop. This rework signifies a simple design for a mind that leaves the main character's body. Through this rework, there is simplicity and the space-themed background really helps put a perspective on the title.

"Dating Profile" is a Premiere Pro project to introduce Andrew La. This in no means is his way of trying to get "out there." This video lists all of his involvements and his time at Cal State Fullerton. Enjoy!

If you would like to message Andrew La, please contact him at his e-mail: for any graphic/video design.

The End.

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