What do We Look for in a Photo? by: Erika Vives and Maddy Kellas

Good Exposure-Gabriel Garcia Marango, some rights reserved. Tags: Matterhorn, hiking, landscape, Switzerland, Europe.
Bad Exposure-Theodore, some rights reserved. Tags: Matterhorn, Zermatt, Alps, Alpen, Switzerland, Europe.

The first photo has great, even exposure. There's detail in the darkest shadow and nothing is overexposed or washed out. The colors all compliment each other well and the photographer did a great job of making sure the sky didn't photograph too bright.

The second photo is just a tad bit underexposed. The photographer could've bracketed +1 for a better photo or could've increased exposure in an editing software. Some of the whites aren't white which is key when creating a well exposed photo.

Good color- Gustavo Gomes, some rights reserved. Tags: Berlin, Germany, light, street.
Bad color- Joerg Schubert, some rights reserved. Tags: Berlin, street, traffic, tiergarten.

The way the color of the booth immediately draws attention to the picture and its detail is something the photographer was very successful with. The photo, by no means, is 'popping' with color, but the color it does have captures the audience's attention. The subtle yellow sign outside or the white flower with a vibrant green stem just add such depth to the photo.

Although some photos are meant to have a more moodier feel, this specific photo is rather flat and doesn't draw the audience in as much as I'd like it to. Even though the photographer likely worked with selective color to tone done the saturation in the trees, it would've been a more eye catching photo with more color.

Good depth of field (left)- Uteropo, some rights reserved. Tags: Portraits, Portrait, Street. Bad depth of field (Right)- Sophie Dituri, some rights reserved. Tags: Portraits, Portrait, creepy, dark.

The photographer was very successful in keeping the focus on the man through a shallow depth of field. The attention is kept on the subject and the shallow background really compliments the detail in the mans face.

Although the concept of the second photo is very interesting, if you zoom in you'll notice that the (intended) subject is a bit out of focus and the camera focused more on the tree than the girl.

Bad Orientation- Eric Montfort, some rights reserved. Tags: Wien, Austria, Portrait.
Good orientation- Front, some rights reserved. Tags: Black and white, frame, man.

If the first photo were to be shot in portrait mode it would've been more engaging. The man has an interesting hat that I would've liked to see all of along with an interesting outfit.

Shooting in landscape was perfect for this photo to capture all of the windows. It wouldn't have been as eye catching if it were shot in portrait mode.

Bad composition (left)- Alexander Steinhoff, some rights reserved. Tags: Boat, sea, water. Good composition (right)- Wymer, some rights reserved. Tags: Hydrant, Berlin, blue.

It seems like the photographer on the left didn't put much thought in filling the frame when taking this photo. He also didn't use rule of thirds and doesn't look like he intentionally chose to place the boat in the middle.

The composition of the photo on the right is great. The essence of the photo captures the audience's attention and the different shades of blue are all very inviting.

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