LEEMING SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL vOLume 6, september 2020

principal's address

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Leeming Senior High School has been very busy this term. RUOK day was spilt over into RUOK week. Students were urged to have conversations with the members of our Student Services team if they felt they needed help. Sometimes life can become quite challenging and we encourage all of our students and staff to talk about any issues.

The Sports Carnival held on 11 September saw Grady win (closely followed by Findlay) for the third year in a row. Congratulations Findlay for coming so close. Of course I jest, well done to Grady on their win and to all other houses for their efforts. The day itself was very entertaining with student participation at its highest level yet! Mr Boughton and his staff did a great job organising the day, and that along with the spirit of our students, made the day a great success.

September 4 saw our annual racing of the Straight Six. Students from each year raced down the Rodd Hancock Straight in an effort to have their names positioned on the boards lining the Straight Six Hall of Fame for decades to come. Well done to all competitors and to all students cheering them on!

On August 27, Leeming’s Got Talent was held in the circle. Some of our very capable students impressed us all with their talent and I am sure we will be seeing a few names in lights in years to come. Leeming SHS Teachers from their band “The Mr Rooney’s” also gave a surprise appearance. Thank you and well done to all for your contribution.

Our Term 3 Whole School Assembly held on September 2 was a bit different this year. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we were unable to have all students in the gym at once. Instead we needed to hold three assemblies, one for Year 7 and 8s, one for 9 and 10s and one for 11 and 12s. Normally our focus at the Term 3 Assembly is Excellence. This year, we requested that learning areas focus on Harmony, nominating students who, in the face of an ever-changing educational environment, have managed to stay positive, focused and remain a harmonious member of the school community. The award winners were nominated by multiple learning areas and have been contributing to our culture of harmony across the whole school. In this current climate of COVID and social distancing, these awards bare special relevance and should be acknowledged and celebrated by us all.

As announced in our last newsletter, Leeming will be receiving $2.19 million for the refurbishment of the school. We are excited to announce that along with the refurbishing of the Science Labs we are now looking into a STEM lab. STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As current jobs disappear and new jobs are born due to advances in technology, STEM will provide students with the basics needed to move forward into these new work places.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe two weeks’ holiday. To our Year 12s attending the Mock exams, best of luck. Remember to take time out from studying and pace yourselves.

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal


Dates to remember

Sports Carnival

2020 house athletics carnival

On Friday September 11 we held our 2020 House Athletics Carnival on a beautiful sunny spring day. The participation levels of our students this year was the highest we have ever had and everyone’s enthusiasm and sportsmanship was a pleasure to see. This year many parents joined us and they have all commented on the wonderful enthusiasm of students and staff on the day. Colorful tutus, wigs, dresses and a fierce determination to grab the maximum amounts of points for their respective house, the student’s eagerness created a wonderful atmosphere. Congratulations to everyone for an outstanding day.

Straight Six

Grady finished the day as the 2020 House Athletics Carnival winners with 2507 points, followed very closely by Findlay with 2490 points. Ramsdale finished the day with 2243 points and Aulberry with 1764 points.

Individual Champions were as follows

Student Services

year Twelve house group challenge

On Wednesday 2 September, the Year 12 cohort were involved in a House Group Challenge. This involved the cohort participating in a modified version of the "Leeming 25 Fitness Challenge". This challenge was originally developed by the Leeming SHS Physical Education Department as a response to keep our students physically active during the COVID-19 isolation period earlier in the year.

The House Group Challenge concept was then modified by the Year 12 Certificate II Sport and Recreation class.

The House Group Challenge required each House Group (Aulberry, Findlay, Grady and Ramsdale) to complete six exercises - Mountain Climbers, Squats, Planks, Burpees, Bicycle Crunches and Jumping Jacks.

Each exercise was performed continuously for 60 seconds, with 2 minutes rest between each exercise.

The aim of the House Group Challenge was to encourage physical activity, participation and team work and as such, points were allocated across the categories of:

  1. Attendance (just being there)
  2. Colour (who dressed in their House colours)
  3. Participation (who had a go)
  4. Exercises (how many repetitions could the group do at the same pace).

The event was a huge success with the students having lots of fun and many laughs. At such a stressful time of the year, the Year 12s were terrific and have been congratulated for conducting themselves exceptionally well in what was their second last major school activity (with the Athletics Carnival yet to come at the time).

Special mention goes to the Certificate II Sport and Recreation class that not only planned this event, but also ran it. Brilliant work by all.

Due to the success of this event, the House Group Challenge been conducted with the Year 11 cohort in Week 10 of this term and will be conduced with each of the Year 7 to 10 cohorts in Term 4.

Leeming's Got Talent

Leeming's Got Talent

On Friday 28 of August the circle across the canteen was transformed into a stage for our students and staff to share their talents with the whole school community. During recess and lunch artistic expression at its best filled the circle with music, magic tricks and lots of cheers from a very supportive crowd.

Leeming’s Got Talent was a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of our school’s talents and come together in the circle as a community to celebrate Harmony and Excellence.



Year 8 Academic Extension Program Excursion

On Friday 4 September the Year 8 AEP students, accompanied by Ms Dyson, Ms Lovatt and our wonderful Education Assistant, Basil Reeves, headed off to Murdoch University to participate in their 'Be a University Student for a Day" program. Students had a taste of what it means to sit in a huge lecture theatre and to be taught by academics from the Murdoch University staff. They participated in workshops on Criminology, Science and Engineering and Creative Writing, learning about the structure of university courses and possible pathways that can be taken. University staff who worked with the students commented on their high level of engagement in all activities and were especially impressed that they could engage in conversations about the nature of utopia and dystopia in their creative writing session. The highlight of the day for the students was the Amazing Race activity where the students’ map reading, team work and interpersonal skills were all put to the test. Needless to say, The JB Hi-Fi gift vouchers offered as prizes, sparked the competitive spirit among the group. A fun day was had by all.

Ms S. Dyson, English Teacher



HASS Week Special!

Escape Rooms, Competitions, Game Shows, Lego Challenges and one more Amazing Race. Finally something good has come out of 2020, with this year’s HASS Week universally acclaimed as the best ever!

HASS Couture

The HASS teaching team greeted HASS Week garbed in their finest historical costumes. Be it the armour of a medieval knight or the overalls of a World War 2 land army worker, the cape of an ancient amazon to the fringes of 1920s flapper, from terrific togas and royal threads right down to monkly habit and prisoner stripes, HASS teachers were dressed and ready for action.

Amazing Race

And the students were ready to act. The Amazing Race saw Year 7s literally racing around the school seeking clues for their historical challenges. Whether it was piecing together Aboriginal Puzzles, sequencing timelines, composing poetry or scrutinising artefacts, in conquering the competition, the students, as much as the race, were resoundingly amazing.

A Nightmare to Escape

Pandemic disease failed to quell the high spirits of our Year 8 students, even one so virulent as the infamous Black Death. A pig pen cypher concealed the unfortunate port of entry for the deadly disease, while a beak masked plague doctor held a hidden clue that enabled the students to take on the maze and discover a surprisingly accurate medieval “text message.” Success was celebrated with castle themed cakes made by HASS student chefs and our own Ms Flynn.

History Repeating

Not to be outdone, the Year 9s took pandemic problems into this Millennium, using their Geographical and Political nowse to discover hidden clues and decipher identity codes to help defeat our contemporary disease nemesis- COVID19. The brainchild of Ms O’Brien, this new Escape Room is now much sought-after by other admiring schools.

Civics Lego Masters

The Lego Master Civics Challenge was another highlight for Ms O’Sullivan’s AEP Year 9s, who took it as their civic duty to produce reconstructions of Australia’s most important civic buildings inside and out. The wonderful models proved a problem for the Year 12 Politics and Law judges but in the end, there could only be one winner- the incredibly detailed and accurate House of Representatives model, made by Ajna M, Ellie B and Charlotte R.

Money, Money, Money

How much of economic forecasting is lucky guesswork and is not something economists usually care to comment on?. However in HASS Week guessing was all the go in the Mason Money Jar Challenge. Well done to Bria M who guessed it to the actual dollar value of $56.

Money, Money, Money.
The New Wage is Right Game Show

Striding confidently down the isle to the players’ podiums, nobody would have guessed any nerves on the part of the Year 10s chosen to take on the economics quiz game “The Wage is Right” .However, guessing the wages and salaries of diverse Australian jobs, proved more challenging than some had bargained for, especially in the current climate. With thrills, spills and game show gaffes, it was fun for the whole Year 10 family.

Cartoon Competition

Economics has long been a mainstay of political cartoonists and Leeming Year 10s were eager to take on the challenge on like minded schools in the Economics Teachers Association of WA Cartoon Competition. Leeming Finalists Elisha A. and Adah H. submitted cutting edge cartoons for 'Economic Contagion' and 'Demand and Supply make the world go round' , respectively, and Raine I. 'Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, what's next....?' won joint first place in her category, awarding her with a sweet $150.

'Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, what's next....?' By Raine I.

Congratulations to these wonderful winners, and to all our super students who have made this year’s HASS week so historic.

Leeming Finalists Elisha A., Adah H, and Raine I.

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher

House Captains

Year 7 Dodgeball Competition

The Year 7 dodgeball tournament, held on Tuesday 18 August, was an exciting team building competition organised by the Year 9 and 10 House Captains for the Year 7 students. The energy inside the gym was ecstatic as each house team competed for the title of first place. Each team did their absolute best and at the end of the day, Aulberry came in at 4th Grady in 3rd Findlay secured 2nd and Ramsdale finished victorious. Lily T. was the last person standing for the Ramsdale team, bringing her team to victory. A big thank you to everyone who was involved and helped to make the event such an enjoyable one.

Student Council Publicity Team



Languages Department

Multicultural Festival Competition Winners

As part of the Multicultural Festival celebrations, students were invited to enter their original artworks in a competition run by the Languages Department. Students had the option to create an artwork featuring the Eiffel Tower or a manga-inspired poster based on the theme “Unity and Celebration”. The finalists’ artworks are below.

Congratulations – felicitations and おめでとう - to Isabella and Charli (Year 7) and Ashlee (Year 9).

Japanese Studies 日本語がくぶ

Online Japanese Exchange Program

This term, 22 of our Japanese Specialist students in Years 8 to 10 are participating in an after-school Online Japanese Exchange Program. Once a week they link-up with our sister school in Japan and, via a video conference, participate in a variety of language and cultural exchange activities. In our second video link-up for the term, our students spoke about student life here at Leeming Senior High School. The students introduced their buddies to everything from rules and special events to lunch time activities. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to practice their Japanese in an authentic situation.

Virtual Tour of Kyoto

Our Year 10 students haven’t let the COVID-19 travel ban prevent them from visiting Japan! Instead, they have used the power of Google Maps to take a virtual tour of Kyoto. Equipped with a very complicated bus map, and the help of Google street view, the students were transported to some famous destinations in Kyoto, Japan. They are all keen to one day visit these destinations in person.

Year 9 Japanese Excursion to Hyogo Cultural Centre

In Week 6, the Year 9 Japanese Specialist students visited the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre. Located in Tuart Hill, the centre is owned by the Japanese Government and was established to promote language and cultural exchange.

Students learned about Perth’s sister state, Hyogo, and were tasked with the challenge of designing a bilingual poster that promoted the main attractions of Hyogo Prefecture. Students rose to the challenge and created visually-attractive and informative posters.

For their efforts, students were rewarded with an obento (おべんとう) lunch

Kana Belt Recipients

One of the biggest hurdles for learners of Japanese is mastering the written script. The Kana Belts program is a self-paced program where students are assessed on their ability to read words of increasing difficulty in Japanese. This term, we are pleased to add an additional seven students to the Hiragana Hall of Fame.

In addition to the students who have mastered Hiragana, we have two students who have self-taught themselves the Katakana alphabet, and have earned their Katakana Belts. This is an impressive achievement. おめでとう (Congratulations) to Kai Wei and Lachlan!

Ms S Burrows, Japanese Specialist Coordinator


French Studies - Connaissances françaises

Sophrologie Videoconference

The Year 12 ATAR French students recently participated in a video conference delivered by Mr William Goussanou, a Sophrologue Specialist who lives in Paris.

As part of their studies, students in Year 12 explored the topic of mental health and how to manage stress. In recent times, a new therapy called Sophrology, has been developed to treat stress. The word Sophrology comes from Ancient Greek σῶς / SOS ("harmony"), φρήν / PHREN ("mind"), and -λογία / -LOGOS ("study/science"), and involves the study of the consciousness in harmony.

The video conference was an excellent opportunity for students to practice their French speaking skills, and after listening to the presentation, students asked the guest speaker some questions in French.

We are very grateful to Monsieur Goussanou for taking the time to explain this new way of dealing with stress and for passing on a few tips in French to our students before their ATAR exams.

Ms F. Spears & Ms M. Robert, French Teachers

Alliance Français Poetry Competition

Every year, the Alliance Française de Perth runs a poetry competition for students studying French in Years 3 to 10. Different authentic French poems are set for the different year levels. For the first time, 15 Leeming SHS students participated in the competition. The poems this year were 'Une fausse fable' by Carl Norac for the Year 7 and 8 and 'L'Albatros' by Charles Baudelaire for the Year 9 and 10 (edited for the students).

In the first round, students filmed themselves reciting the poem. We are pleased to announce that 12 students were selected as finalists to present their poems in front of a French judging panel on Saturday the 12 of September. The results will be released on the 23 of September but do not have them ready before publishing this Newsletter. Congratulations to Adrian, Mitchell, Elora, Parthena, Kate, Isla, Seth, Taylor, Cailey, Jacinta, Beatriz, and Zara for making it through to the finals!

Ms F. Spears & Ms M. Robert, French Teachers



Spring Has Sprung - Holiday reading

Need some holiday reading? Come to the Library and check out the new resources as we have bought lots of new fiction – including Graphic Novels and Manga, as well as topped up a lot of the series.

We have also introduced Dystopian and Steam Punk genres to the Fiction Collection, which are proving very popular with the Upper School.

Study Skills website

Don’t forget about the Study Skills Handbook website. It gives lots of tips to help you improve your study techniques as well as preparing for tests and exams.


Username: leemingshs Password: 77success

Virtual Chess Winners

Leeming SHS Chess Club won the Regional Interschool Tournament, which gives them a place in the State Finals. This was a fantastic effort to beat teams from Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania.

Well done to all 24 players.

Leeming’s Lego Legend in the Library

Congratulations to the following students who won the Leeming Lego Legends Competition for their year group. Year 7 – Nathan & Yang, Year 8 - Abby & Grace , Adam - Leeming ESC

Students created their own masterpiece based on the themes Flight and Minecraft.

Well done everyone

Ms C. Steel, Teacher Librarian

Science and Technology Academy
2020 Women in STEM Research Symposium

On Friday 21 August, Year 10 STA female members participated in the Women in STEM symposium hosted by Murdoch University. This online event included an opening address from Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Lucy Johnston. Following the opening address, Dr Martina Calais, Senior Lecturer of Engineering shared outcomes and experiences from a collaborative research project with Horizon Power. Dr Paola Magni, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science, expanded on science, crimes, and fashion, and Associate Director of Digital Innovations, Julie Whitlock, reflected on her career in IT.

Mind Mash

Year 8 and 9 students have been working with Peter Atkinson from Mind Mash developing their coding and problem solving skills. The program has run over six weeks and equates to 9 hours of practical engagement with programming EV3 Lego MindStorm robots.

The students have been working in teams to complete set tasks on the First Lego League robotics competition arena to score points. The students have enjoyed collaborating to solve the programming tasks and modify their robot to score points. The program will conclude in Week 9 with the in-house competition. It is hoped that in the future we may be able to muster a Leeming SHS Science and Technology Academy team to compete in the state competition. Students who are interested in participating should express their interest to Dr Janes.

Leeming Science Week

STA members have been in groups during Science After School on Monday afternoons to carry out science investigations and have put together a showcase of their work. Their work has been on display in the Library throughout Leeming Science Week. Mr Mackenzie and Dr Janes reviewed all presentations and awarded prizes to the most innovative and detailed presentations. Well done to everyone who has participated.

The Science Investigation Competition winners are:

  • Danylo S. (Year 8)
  • Vasikaran S. (Year 8)
  • Jack T. (Year 8)
  • Meysam S. (Year 10)
  • Quan-Sheng Y. (Year 10)
  • Tidan P. (Year 7)
  • Brodie W. (Year 7)
Murdoch Soils Program

The Year 9s have also been working with the Outreach Team from Murdoch University on a project looking at soils. All of their hard was displayed in the Library during Week 9. The Murdoch Outreach Coordinators and special guests Dr Leonie Hughes and Associate Professor David Henry visited to judge the work presented by the Year 9 STA students.

The winners of the Presenter competition were:

  • Lauren N.
  • Seth T.

The first and second place Poster Competition winning teams were:

  1. Ashlee L., Yi-Lin T., Marcus B.
  2. Kate B., Charlotte C., Cailey W., & Anna L.

There were also a number of STEM activities on offer through the week, including an Aviation taster session with Mr Sabapathy and our Year 11 Aviation students. Students had the opportunity to have a go on the flight simulators and try taking off and landing.

Students across the school had the opportunity to experience virtual reality and engage with various robotics hardware during the after-school workshop.

National Science Olympiads

A number of students in Year 10 and 11 nominated to participate in the National Science Olympiads in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental and Earth Science. These examinations are challenging and provide able students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a national competition.

Astronomy Camp

The Year 9 Astronomy Camp was postponed due to COVID-19 earlier in the year. The camp is re-scheduled for the 12-13 November in Term 4. Students who previously nominated and paid for the camp have reserved places on the camp. Please let Dr Janes know if you would like to withdraw from the camp so that your place can be offered to another student.

STA Takes Fight

During Term 4 Mr Sabapathy will be running an after school Aviation program for Year 9 students. The program will provide students with an opportunity to learn about the areas of aviation science including the physics of flight, navigation and learning their way around the cockpit of an aircraft using our flight simulators. Students who would like to find out more about the Aviation courses offered in Upper School are strongly encouraged to participate.

Dr E. Janes, Science and Technology Academy Coordinator


The Butterfly

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly.

One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.

Until it suddenly stopped making any progress and looked like it was stuck.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily, although it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.

The man didn’t think anything of it and sat there waiting for the wings to enlarge to support the butterfly. But that didn’t happen. The butterfly spent the rest of its life unable to fly, crawling around with tiny wings and a swollen body.

Despite the kind heart of the man, he didn’t understand that the restricting cocoon and the struggle needed by the butterfly to get itself through the small opening; were creations way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings. To prepare itself for flying once it was out of the cocoon.

Moral of the story:

Our struggles in life develop our strengths. Without struggles, we never grow and never get stronger, so it’s important for us to tackle challenges on our own, and not always be relying on help from others.

Mr C. Hough, Chaplain

CHAPLAINS CHAT - Bettina Carter


Poking fun in a light-hearted, clever and non-hurtful way. The teaser and the teased can swap roles easily. Teasing doesn’t take away a person’s dignity and respect. Teasing isn’t meant to hurt. Teasing is meant to get both people to laugh. Teasing is only a small part of friendship. The teaser stops if someone gets upset.


Bullying intention is to continually hurt, by having fun at someone else’s expense. This can be face to face or on-line. It can be verbal and can escalate to physical, it can be supported by active supporters, passive supporters and onlookers


To respect someone is to be an active defender of justice, a protector of others and their rights to feel safe all the time. To respect someone can involve letting things go, forgiving someone and caring about their feelings thoughts, wants and needs. It should be a win win situation and not a win lose situation. We need to be thinking of people, (not just go along with the crowd people) who respect others' boundaries, who don’t feed off others misfortune or hard times but who are sociable, inclusive and kind.

Humour and Emotional Health

How does laughter help emotional Health?... Seeing a smile and returning it changes our brain chemistry and gives us a natural high. It gives us more pleasure than eating chocolate, shopping, being given money or drinking coffee. Regular laughter puts people in a positive frame of mind and gradually makes them positive thinkers.

Laughter brings people together and improves interpersonal relationships.

Ways to strengthen humour.

Remember to not take yourself too seriously, speak kindly to yourself and others and remember that humour triggers relaxation and stress.

It’s a very useful tool in life, let’s all work on growing good humour in all our relationships, where all parties can have a laugh together.

Ms B. Carter, Chaplain


Healthy Tips

Your lifestyle can affect how well your immune system can protect you from germs, viruses, and chronic illnesses. Replacing bad health habits with good ones can help keep your immune system healthy.

4 Tips For A Healthy Immune System

  1. Get enough sleep – 7-9 hours of sleep each night
  2. Exercise Regular – aim for 30 minutes daily, 10,000 steps and outdoors in the fresh air.
  3. Healthy Diet – aim for food in the five food groups with 2 fruits 5 vegetables, and plenty of water.
  4. Reduce Stress- Practise meditation / mindfulness daily.

Five Ways to Make You Workout Easier

  1. Jump out of bed and just go! The longer you think about your workout the less likely you are to actually do it, say researchers at the Canada’s University of Alberta.
  2. If it’s blowy outside, head out into the wind – this will mean it’s behind you on the way back, giving you a lift when you’re a bit tired.
  3. Make a playlist of old tunes. Feeling of nostalgia actually make us feel warmer, says a study at the UK’s University of Southampton.
  4. Invest in proper workout clothes. Fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin will leave you warmer than cotton that holds fluid. Also wear layers that you can remove or add as you need to.
  5. Have a plan B. If it’s raining hard you might not be able to exercise outside. Instead go to the gym or have a simple workout you can do at home – sign up for a fitness app or an online workout service.

Have a great restful break.

Mrs D. Kitak, Nurse

Our next Newsletter will be published in Term 4, Week 4 2020.


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