New York University #OwnNYUrSpace Campaign By Sharp tacktics communications

Who We Are: Sharp Tacktics Communications

Trent Burns, Stephen Cammarota, Brody El-Achi, Matt Goldan, Monica Zack


  • Summarize campaign objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Visit Website
  • Ad
  • Note from the Director of Student Housing Services
  • Testimonials
  • Poster
  • Questions



• Eliminate the presence of AirBNB on NYU’s campus.

• Convince students to stop renting out their rooms.

Strategy #1: Inform students of the safety risks associated with AirBNB, as well as NYU’s policy on renting out rooms.


• Informational video featuring the Director of Housing

• “Legal” section on website laying out university rules and New York City laws regarding the issue, as well as a link to the annual security and fire safety report.

Strategy #2: Demonstrate the inconvenience and hassles involved with AirBNB using a relatable messaging and interactivity.


• Short comedic video showing potential negatives of renting out a room

• Poster laying out reasons not to rent out a room

• Daily social media engagement and the use of the hashtag #OwnNYUrSpace

• Asking for and posting testimonial posts and videos from social media followers about their worst AirBNB experiences




• November campaign

• Builds up toward Thanksgiving break

Thank you.


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