CHAPTER 6 Amanda Jones


If I had to caption this I would probably call it self guarded because the one in the back is kinda protecting the others. I'm really happy with how this came out because I had a lot of trouble this is part of chapter and Mrs. Christy helped me the whole time. I put the shutter speed fast because I wasn't trying to show any movement of any kind.

Self-Reflective: (favorite places :))

I picked these places because these places are where I spend most of time, with friends and family. I love going to Willow Street and getting a Caesar Salad. Benefit is where I go and get my eyebrows done and I love going to Los Gatos Theatre and watch movies.

Influential: (photo with cheer coach)

I decided to pick my cheer coach for this section because without her we wouldn't have a cheer team at this school. She got thrown into the job without any cheer experience but we ended up putting together routines for football games and sprit rallies. She has gone through so much this year but she has helped us the whole time. I decided to make her a gift with a group picture at our last football game and have everyone sign it and thanking her for everything she has done for us!

Thematic: "branching out"

I picked "branching out" because I'm looking forward to summer. I'm going to Disneyland again in June then 2 weeks after that I'm going to Walt Disney World with my family. I am also really looking forward all of the beach trips i'm gonna take! The first 2 pictures are from when I went to Disneyland back in March, The bottom 2 are from my trip to Orlando Florida a few years ago when we stayed at Animal Kingdom, and lastly is when I went to Capitola beach a few weeks ago!

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