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West Europe looks for new route to spice islands

Europeans look for a new easy route to get spices from the spice islands.

  • The reason the Europeans needed to find a new route to get the spices is because the Ottoman Turks closed the silk road after they conquered Byzantine Empire and cut off all access to the Europeans.
  • They also couldn't make their own spices or get them anywhere other than from the spice islands because the Muslim traders who brought the spices had a monopoly on the spice trade.
  • Which led to Marco Pollo finding a land route to Asia and to him lying about its size causing Columbus to think he hits the west indies and not that he hit Bahamas.
  1. In the 1480s the Portuguese begin to explore the west coast of Africa, in 1497 Vasco De Gama reaches Arabia, India
  2. A school for navigation opened to assist in seeking an all water route to the spice islands the Cararel a Spanish or Portuguese sailing vessel usually lateen-rigged on two or three masts the ship was designed to travel into the wind which was a very important invention before this people could only sail into the wind.
  3. Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator who was mocked out of Portugal because he said he knew a shortcut to the spice islands, he then went to Spain and Spain financed his voyage.
Discovery of the world
  • The reason the New World was discovered was because of the closing of the spice islands that lead to people to look for a faster route to the spice islands but they are unsuccessful until the globe gets circumnavigated.
  • Columbus looks for a shortcut to the spice Islands he believes he finds the west indies and names the Native Americans Indians, but the truth is that he landed in the Bahamas. He then died never acknowledging that he had discovered the new world.
  • The discovery of the new world was able to happen because of the Spanish reconquista the period after their years long war, they were able to finance Columbus in his search for the shortcut to the spice islands.
  1. America forms because the New World was found an assisted part to why we were able to form the us is because of the loss the Spanish armada had when they attempted to invade England.
  2. Triangle Trade, the trade circle forms because England wants to get a more efficient way to make money for their land the trade consisted of slaves for the new world, England got Sugar, Tobacco, and Cotton, Textiles, Rum, and manufactured goods to Africa.
  3. Slavery Flourishes do to the fact that Europe sent slaves from Africa to the Colonies which would increase the amount Sugar, Tobacco, and Cotton to Europe so that they would make more money then what they would've made without the extra work force in U.S.
Spanish Armada Defeat
  • The United Kingdom sent pirates to raid the Spanish Ships that were bringing in Spanish supplies from the New World.
  • The Spanish wanted to retaliate against the pirating from the English so they took their ships and went to invade the UK.
  • The Spanish loose the battle when the English attack using ships filled with gunpowder and sent out into the middle of the armada they also lit it on fire to destroy as many ships that they possibly could with as few losses as they could.
  1. Because the Spanish lost their Armada the New World was almost completely lost to the Spanish in a faulty move that they decided to do because of England's brilliant idea to pirate from them.
  2. Do to the loss, Spain losses a lot of their wealth and power do to the loss of their entire Armada. This left Spain broken and in a very weak position which would have left them open to an attack if anyone had attacked they would have been defeated.
  3. America formed by the English after they gained the colonies and the colonies rebelled do to the king. The colonies then expanded into the other regions even ones that were not owned by England or by any of the people who colonized the people that were their. The colonies after years of exploration and colonization would gradually become the united states where for many years we would not truly be a great nation until the time in which our duty as a species to protect the rights of the persecuted.

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