My Portfolio Julia Rivard

Photogram Project
This was the texture project. I was still trying to figure out how to focus the camera, so these were all blurry and half of the roll of film didn't come out, but this one is of my pretty kitty Mia.
These photos are from our filed trip to Tower Hill. The first four are from there, and the last photo is a picture of my neighborhood. I finally began figuring out how to focus the camera better.
These photos are from the portrait project. The first picture and the last picture are of my brother Benny. I had to pay him to take these, but it was okay because he liked being the center of attention. Then, the second picture is of one of my best friends, Jace. Then the middle two pictures are again of my pretty kitty Mia. She posed perfectly for both of them and I am especially proud of the first one because she looks like she is glowing in the sunlight.
These two are the double negatives project. The first one I took was in the instruments storage closet, and the main hallway right near the Commons. It didn't turn out the way i had originally wanted it to, but it still looks sorta cool. The other picture is the same picture of Jace, but i made it so then he would be flip flopped which I thought looked sorta cool.
And finally, this was my final project. It is two pictures that I sliced up and turned into an accordion optical illusion. One side you see a quote that is on my bedroom wall that reads, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." It inspires me to move on from some of the bad days and look forward to the good or make the best out of those days. Then the other picture os of a Willows statuette and the girl is releasing a dove back to freedom. I liked this statuette best because it had some deep meaning to it as well. I see it as letting go of the past and not allowing it to define who you are and where youre going with your life. You let go and you become the person you are truly meant to be.


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