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Water is expensive and you need resources to reduce and control your costs.

Water has long been plentiful and cheap. But now, with increased population, changing demands and new regulations, water is fast becoming both expensive and scarce. The good news? You can increase your ROI and save substantial money right now while protecting your facilities against future rate increases and rationing.

Your resources are limited. You need to make the most of every dollar. Modern practicality and government regulation require you to conserve both the water delivered to your property and the water running off from it.

Water rates are rising fast while availability falls. Code enforcement looms. You must adapt to meet new challenges to your facilities and finances.

Most facilities consume 20 to 40 percent more irrigation water than necessary. Intelligent irrigation and landscape enhancement can change 20 to 40 percent of current irrigation water expense back into profits.

Good conversation doesn't require lifestyle or aesthetic compromise. New irrigation and landscape technologies allow you to meet your needs while saving water volume and money. The choice is about meeting new realities by eliminating unnecessary waste through effective solutions.

That's where Landscape Development's Water Resource Services comes in. Our expert irrigation auditors and landscape architects assess your facility for irrigation efficiency and new code compliance. We design and install targeted, cost-effective retrofits and systems that intelligently reduce the water you need and make the most of the infrastructure you already have. Our tailored maintenace solutions then keep your system saving the greatest money over the long term.

Problem solved.

Efficiency gained.

Money saved.

LDI Water Resource Services supplies systems that:

  • Reduce operating expenses and increase cash flow by reducing water waste for a savings of 10 to 40 percent.
  • Reduce exposure to mandated tiered rate increases and water rationing
  • Qualify for "no up-front cost" upgrade programs
  • Decrease landscape maintenance costs and improve plant health and appearance
  • Decrease facility capital reserves for paving, concrete and paint repair
  • Reduce insurance liability for slip and fall and other water related hazards
Contact us today about our no-cost irrigation upgrade programs. Call (661) 295-1970 or email info@landscapedevelopment.com

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