Praise God from whom ALL Blessings Flow...He's GOOD--He answered your prayers/our prayers--Jesus came to camp!! He worked. He spoke. He called. We praise Him!!! He's SOOOO GOOD!!!!

English Teaching


We did a cattle drive using prepositions of motion.

English Lessons, Listening Exercises, Conversation Groups...Fun...Jesus it all.

Baseball--Dan pitching
Volleyball Champs

Swimming in Lake Balaton in the afternoons was happy.

Cool Sailboat Ride

Water Polo

Dutch Blitz by the Lake
Playing with a dead fish!!

Our Version of the GAME OF LIFE--CAMP STYLE

Our version of the Game of Life complete with games, the birthday song and lots of life decisions with points for immediate consequences and points for long-term consequences was a hit every night!!

Lots of competition
Lots of good group conversations and interactions as we had to decide on what our choices would be throughout the game weighing consequences--lots of " This is what I'd do in real life, but this is what I know is the right answer." What should we choose? We had a God moment at the STOP point at the end of the game every night with small groups afterwards--JESUS was talking, kids were thinking...watching it build throughout the week was special. On Friday night JESUS CAME as we asked, "If Jesus walked in tonight, would you follow Him? If you died tonight, are you ready to meet Him?"

Mattie Kate, Abby, Annie and Sadie were the BEST TEAM ever!! Amazing--we couldn't have done camp without them--all the hours put in before to have everything ready and then all the work they did during camp. The kids saw Jesus in them! We did too! WOW!

Silly games broke up the tough decisions.

Loved watching Jesus use all the FUN as He spoke to hearts and opened up minds and drew these kids to Himself!

How do you put the sacred into words?

How do you quantify the eternal?

How do you explain God-toward steps taken?

AWE! …bring the fatted calf and kill it, and let us eat and make merry; for this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to make merry. Luke 15:23-24


One of the older campers who has set her face to follow Jesus was in Annie’s group which had the youngest campers. Annie asked her to pray over the little ones. She was afraid, having not ever prayed over children out loud before, but she did and OH, THE JOY!!!! She said she could not even brush her teeth that night she was so happy that she got to pray for children for the first time! Stepping out for Jesus and finding HIS JOY!

Early in the week, Katy Beth asked one of her students how she could pray and the response was “I have a little bit of Jesus that I don’t want to lose.” She prayed not only that they wouldn’t lose Him but that the little bit would grow. On Friday night JESUS CAME to camp in a special way and was talking and this one heard His voice. The next morning when asked what Jesus had done/said the night before, the answer was, “I called and He answered me!” When asked how we could pray at the end of camp, “That Jesus would shine through me!”

Saturday after Jesus had come on Friday, we told The Prodigal Son story and acted it out, retold it, dissected it, and then applied it and WHOOSH! Jesus was there again—speaking, convicting, loving, drawing them to HIMSELF! 15 minutes of “Go listen to Jesus alone” became 30 minutes of absolute quiet all over the camp as He spoke and they listened. ETERNAL!!!

THANK YOU for praying for us, with us, fighting for us and with us for these ones—loved by God Himself, drawn to Himself. Our God speaks. Our God saves! Pray with us that as they continue to call to Him, He will answer them and show them great and hidden things they do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

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