Communication & Marketing Billie Ingalls

I never thought my life could be

Anything but catastrophe

But suddenly I begin to see

A bit of good luck for me

'Cause I've got a golden ticket!

Golden Ticket Initiative

Asmus Farm Supply provides "Gold Standard Ag Products"

Partnership with Precision Labs and their 'Gold Standard Adjuvants'

Protyx, Protyx Aerial, Intact, intact xtra and Border Xtra 8L
  • Create "fun" in selling and engagement for customers
  • Opportunity to educate customers and cross sell
  • Generate higher sales because prizes are involved
200 total stickers will be placed at random on product caps
  • 90 golden ticket stickers will be through AFS Warehouse
  • 110 golden tickets will be through Precision Laboratories

Talk it up

  • Make it exciting
  • Customers involved in Total Spray Droplet Management
  • Talk about the prizes involved in the winnings
  • Engage in conversation about how these products can benefit their operation
  • Share on social media!!

"IF" they are a Golden ticket holder

  • Type in registration code given on the sticker
  • Receive registration information and invitation to Adjuvant Training 101

Adjuvant training 101

August 2017

After Golden Ticket holders have registered on our website they will be invited to Asmus Farm Supply

  • Learn more about adjuvants and their purpose and the benefits the growers receive when using them properly
  • Yeti Ramblers and t-shirts (one prize per operation)
  • Entered into a drawing of Golden Ticket holder's names
  • One person out of the number that registered will be the GRAND PRIZE WINNER
  • Lunch will be provided
  • *Must be present to win

Grand Prize-Trip to Chicago!

  • All expense paid weekend trip to Chicago with one other person of their choosing
  • Tour of Precision Laboratories
  • Dinner with Harlan and Amy Asmus and Precision Management
  • Baseball game at Wrigley Field
  • The customer's sales person will also be invited to attend!


News and Notes from Asmus Farm Supply

The importance of our weekly newsletters & why you should read them

These Newsletters are for you
  • Updated information on pricing, products, SharedPoint
  • Company blogs, agronomy updates, news related articles
  • Regulations and restrictions
Benefits of reading the Company newsletter
  • Getting the most recent information to use to help you make more sales!
  • Keeps you connected and aware of recent news
  • Helps you share content on social media or via email with customers
  • Reduces time wasted
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