Good Life Tour of the Harn Noah Roberson

I found this piece of artwork to be particularly striking. This is an abstract piece of artwork! You are completely unable to know what the artist's meaning behind it could truly be. It was made by John Chamberlain in the 1973, and was literally left untitled. The amount of questions left behind with this piece are truly astonishing to me.

This was the most interesting and enticing sector of the museum, in my opinion. It was a flowing river outside the doors of the museum. This was not a particular piece, but the flowing river represented the free flow of ideas and creativity, which is vital in creating artwork.

This was the Buddhist Plaque, made by the Joseon Dynasty in 1738. There was an article written about this piece, called "A Shocking Symbol". This design was a common symbol of peace in Eastern nations, but in Western nations it is seen as a symbol of hate due to the Holocaust and the Nazi party. As a Jewish individual, this represents a value of hate, but after reading further about the history of this symbol, I realized that symbols are only symbols. Meaning is defined by the individual or culture viewing the given symbol.

This is a mask made by the Igbo people, in Nigeria, representative of Owu, their water deity. Just looking at this mask, his face represents innocence and happiness. These traits represent vital characteristics of a truly "good life". Happiness is a key to living a successful good life.

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