Utah Symbols By: mary

State animal: Mountain Elk.

They can weight up to 700 pounds and were named the state animal in 1971.

This a mountain Elk.

State Emblem: Beehive.

The beehive became the official emblem on March 4, 1959. Utahans relate the beehive symbol to industry and the pioneers virtues of thrift and persevering.

This is the state beehive.

State Flower: Sego Lily.

The Sego lily became the state flower on March 18, 1911. The state's school children as to preference for a state flower.

This is a Sego lily

State Fruit: Cherry.

It became the state fruit in 1997. Cherry trees were sent to Utah by the Japanese following world war ||.

This is a cherry bunch.

State Fish: Bonneville Cutthroat Trout.

Source of food for the Indians and Mormon Pioneers. There are 15 recognized Bonneville Cutthroat.

This is a Bonneville Cutthroat.

State Motto: Industry.

Became the state motto on March 4, 1959. The pioneers had to rely on their Industry.

This is the state motor Industry.

State Song: Utah this is the Place.

The state song was changed to Utah this is the place on 2003. Written in 1996.

State Gem: Topaz

It was named the state gem in 1969. Also know as yellow on golden gemstone.

This is a golden topaz.

State Vegetable: Spanish Sweet Onion.

It was named the state veggie in 2002. The yellow onions are close to the Spanish ones.

State Tree: Quaking aspens.

Named the state tree in 2014. The Aspen grows on the roots of older trees.

State Flag: Flag and seal

It was named the state flag in 1775. It has a beehive, Sego lily and bald Eagle.

State Fossil: Allosaurs:

He was made the state fossil on 1994. It weight about 4 tons.

State Bird: California Seagull.

It was made the state bird in 1955. They saved Utah by eating crickets.

State Mineral: Copper.

It was made the state mineral on 1994. It helped heat homes.


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