Inner Societal Views in one Social Post alex Halliday

Social media is a huge advantage, socially, when we want to release our opinions and thoughts to the public and not get harmed. One may post on Twitter or Facebook, their ideological views on politics, environmental concerns, etc. Social media is also a great tool to use in order to help promote or advertise one's businesses and plans. However, social media is also a tool for disaster. If used the wrong way, it can definitely be made to offend people.

Regarding this post, the user on Twitter decided to use it negatively. In the post, the user and her friend had made a collage of pictures that shows them picking cotton from a field and, in the caption, stated, "Our inner n***** came out today." The caption is referring to slave trading in America in the early 17th century. In that time, African American people were used as slave labourers to pick cotton for their slave masters. Not only, using the context of the tweet to bring up a racist time, the user in this tweet used a racist term describing black people. Thus, as a result of the user being racist, this post attains to the issue of race.

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