Anthropologie brings style to downtown Westport By Amanda Kaplowitz '19 and Nicky brown '19

After around two years of construction on the former YMCA building, the wait for the new Bedford Square development in downtown Westport has finally ceased and Anthropologie has arrived. The store used to be located on the Post Road but its new location offers a unique layout and a convenient spot for Westport shoppers.

Anthropologie is a women’s clothing store that sells anything from t-shirts to wedding dresses. In addition to clothes, they also offer a wide selection of furniture, home decor, makeup and skincare products, an assortment of jewelry and other office and household items.

This new location is noticeably larger than the previous one, with three floors full of merchandise which are all decorated to perfection. The bright colors that were incorporated into the trendy and stylish clothes immediately grabbed our attention.

While the extensive size has its benefits, the massive scale of the store could come across as somewhat overwhelming for a shopper who may be just looking around. The layout of the store resembles that of a small department store because the merchandise is categorized into different sections. Since there is such an abundance of products, one can become conflicted as to where to go in the store and what items to buy.

“I felt a little overwhelmed by the size because it was my first time. But, I feel like the next time I go it won't be bad because I'll know which floors have what,” Kendall Kowalsky ’19 said.

The clothing was also up to date on the latest trends. We saw items that included embroidery, pom poms, velvet and statement sleeves. The Anthropologie website describes their products as, “...[catering] to the lifestyle of our five muses: soft & delicate; boho chic; easy cool; elegant classic; and modern sporty.”

Numerous customers browsed the wide variety of products that the store had to offer and many seemed pleased. “I think they did a great job with the organization and style” Maeson Hayes ’19 said.

One place where Anthropologie may fall flat is the high price range of their products. We noted that even a small keychain costs $30. However, the clothing looked to be of very high quality, which we feel makes splurging a little bit easier.

Overall, if you are looking for enticing colors, high quality clothing and a store located in the heart of Westport, Anthropologie covers all of this criteria. Despite the costliness and somewhat daunting size, we think that this store is a positive addition to the town.

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