Black Ops Conspiracy 365 Author: Gabrielle Lord

Banson Turpin

Author Bio

Gabrielle Lord was born on February 26, 1946. In Sydney, Australia and was raised by nuns and acquired an education after working many jobs from sales, teaching and brick-cleaning. She then decided to become a writer at the age of 30. Two of her novels have been filmed: Fortress in (1986) and Whipping Boy in (1996).

Genre, Theme, Setting

This book is Fiction but very interesting to read about. He has a twin brother named Ryan. The theme of this book is to rescue a hostage as the character Cal is undercover.

Plot Summary

Cal is on Shadow Island trying to trying to save his friends and his twin brother while also trying to save the world.


Cal is the main character in the book and Ryan is his twin brother in the book. Him and his brother are alike but not identical to each other. And ryan is stubborn but listens to Cal as he has a plan to get off the island.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in this book is Cal's brother was captured and Cal is trying to save him on an undercover mission as he tries to stealth through a secret island called Shadow Island. Cal is trying to save himself and his brother and the world by trying to stop the bad guys on the island. Its up to Cal to do all these things but first has to save his brother.

Book Evaluation

This was a good book, starts out good gets a little repetitive toward the middle but has another suprise at the end of it. If you like adventurous books this is the book for you, while its very curious around every corner so ts very attaching/interesting.

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