Kerry Sprague Art Custom Pet Portraits


kerry@kerrysprague.com ~ 734-223-4681


I work off of photographs (as fun as it would be to meet your furry friend, they just don't like to sit still long enough to hold a pose!). I typically work off of one main photograph to base the painting off of, but do often ask for additional photos to help with color matching and capturing the full essence of the pet.

While I do work off of one photograph for most of the piece, I am able to make edits to the portrait. Examples include creating a different background, adding clothes, or adding pets from multiple photos onto one canvas.

Depending on the size, a painting can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks. I will always talk through my time frame before starting your painting, to make sure I can meet any needs you might have.


  • 8" x 10" - $120
  • 10" x 10" - $150
  • 9" x 12" - $162
  • 12" x 12" - $216
  • 11" x 14" - $231
  • 12" x 16" - $288
  • 16" x 20" - $480
  • 20" x 20" - $600
  • 18" x 24" - $648
  • 24" x 36" - $1,296

Prices listed are for a single pet, please contact me for pricing for your multiple pet painting. A 50% deposit is requested with each contract.



I'm a Michigan based artist, specializing in pet portraits. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University, and have been creating pet portraits for over four years now. I have been a huge animal lover since... forever, and I really try to capture that special zing that each individual friend has. Contact me for details on having your own furry friend captured on canvas!