Large-scale cropping Wheat and rice

Food crops in Australia, including wheat, barley, canola, oats, chickpeas, lentils, broad beans, sugar cane and rice are produced using large-scale broad acre cropping operations.
Broad beans
Sugar cane
Large-scale cropping is a highly mechanised production system that uses the latest technological advances in food production.
Wheat is Australia’s most valuable crop in terms of both the greatest production and the area of land under cultivation.
Wheat is a winter crop and is grown in a region called the ‘wheat belt’, which includes parts of Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Australia exports the vast majority of wheat produced to Asia and the Middle East.
Rice grown in Australia is concentrated in the Murrumbidgee valley and Murray valley in southern New South Wales. Small areas of rice are also grown in the north-easter region in Victoria.
Murrumbidgee valley and the Murray valley provide a reliable source of irrigated water, which is essential for rice production.
Approximately 80 per cent of the rice grown in Australia is a medium-grain rice. Australia exports about 80 per cent of its rice crop to countries in the Middle East, North America and Asia.
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