Mainstreaming SDGs : Operationalising Global Goals and developing equitable communities

Malaysia has long been committed to Sustainable Development with its signature success rooted in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Having reduced the country’s absolute poverty levels in 2014, this and various other MDG-focused achievements paved the way for Malaysia’s natural adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2015-2030.

Themed ‘Leaving No One Behind’, the SDGs core tenets of Economic, Social and Environment forms the centrepiece of the country’s ongoing quinquennial Malaysia Plan. As Government continue to play an important role, the existing gap between policy mandates and available resources necessitates a platform for convergence between public and private institutions, catalysing shared responsibilities that will mainstream the SDGs.

Nationwide measurable efforts that span both the operationalisation of the Global Agenda and enhancing SDG-based community efforts will nurture an improved climate for partnership design, co-creation, and combining complementary skills across sectors to harness the full potential of what business can bring to the development table.

Private Sector can additionally aim to improve business standards and mitigate risks along its value chain - increasing corporate security and resilience while maintaining its license to operate through a unifying SDG-focused network. It is in this spirit that the TOGETHERforSDGs Hub was created.

How the Hub works?

Essentially, a Contributor’s journey with the Hub begins with a minimum-effort data sharing on programmes either by responding to SDG-related challenge(s) or identifying resource(s) needed to implement impact solutions.

The Hub than facilitates the process of matching ‘need’ and ‘resource’, creating synergistic partnerships that take advantage of data for ‘best match’ of capabilities. There are two (2) tiers to engaging and collaborating through TOGETHERforSDGs, each with its own rigour, due diligence and recognition(s).

This digital supply-matching solution is designed to identify and connect financial and non-financial Private Sector contributors with Government, Civil Societies and Academia to create innovative and inclusive programmes that are implemented where it is needed the most. Focused in the SDG areas of Leaving No One Behind, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Human Rights & Governance and Environmental Sustainability, tangible solutions are measured using common standards, tools and services to monitor progress and facilitate policymaking and designing of programmes by tapping on open data. Moving from being aspirational to being action-orientated to accelerate Malaysia’s achievement of the SDGs, TOGETHERforSDGs Hub is spearheaded by the United Nations Country Team Malaysia (UNCT) with support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

How Can Stakeholders Benefit?